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CANCELLED: Open content for accessible education in competitive world topic for April 16 seminar

Monday, April 5, 2010
CANCELLED: Open content for accessible education in competitive world topic for April 16 seminar


The intersection of technology, intellectual property, open content, accessible education, competition in the for-profit world and much more is the focus when inventor Eric Frank, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Flat World Knowledge, presents "How Open Content Can Keep Education Accessible and Competitive in a Flat World" at the next CIBRE Seminar.

The discussion, which takes place Friday, April 16, will highlight how technology is reshaping the global landscape while legal structures and business models have lagged behind. This talk from a pioneer in the educational publishing industry will focus on the emergence of the technological, legal, and business model innovations that are driving creative destruction in the higher education textbook publishing sector. It will look at the emerging open content movement, and how it is increasing educational access, while holding out great potential for the improvement of educational materials and instruction.


This CIBRE Seminar offer a unique perspective -- that of an industry practitioner presenting relevant, interesting questions/topics that impact broader public models in existence.


"This type of practice seminar may lead to marketing research questions ... and in all cases, the CIBRE Seminars focus on the integrative thinking that brings people from different perspectives together to raise intensity of discussions and encourage cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary thinking," says Mohan Tanniru, dean, OU's School of Business Administration, and founder of the SBA's Center for Business Research and Education (CIBRE).


For more information on the April 16 seminar, see the event listing.