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Notes from the National Writing Projects of Michigan Directors Meeting

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Notes from the National Writing Projects of Michigan Directors Meeting
By Mary Cox

These are notes from the January 29, 2010, Board of Directors of National Writing Projects of Michigan meeting. This information is FYI for most TC’s, and some is for leadership team members, but everyone should read these notes in order to keep up with the various movements affecting our state and our work.  

Dick Koch presented the information on the Portfolio Project.  At this time, the Project is in the development stage, but the NWPM board of directors agreed to support the project as it develops.  Sites will be asked to share work on portfolio writing later.  

Laura Roop reported on the last grant application which the board received for $5000, and the board agreed to apply for the next round of applications. These funds will continue to support the Board’s work especially the summer NPWM Retreat work.

Laura Roop also shared information on New Tech High School, several of which are scheduled for opening in Michigan.  The question of how to train teachers who work in these high schools is one that NWPM needs to consider.  To learn more about New Tech High Schools look at the New Tech High School Napa web site.  

There was a discussion of the opportunities presented by the Race to the Top application.  It was decided that Board members would research and contact those people that may have more
Mary Cox
information on the aspect of the grant, such as the P-20 Council and becoming a partner in the professional development application.  If you know anyone who works for the MDE, Michigan Board of Education, or is in the State Legislature, please let us know.

You can find the Race to the Top application on line.  

Mitch Nobis updated the information on Wide Paths. At this time an August workshop is planned for those who attended the first Wide Paths Institute. Besides increasing the work at a deeper level, there will be discussion on how to institutionalize the work at the individual sites.  

The rest of the meeting dealt with planning for the August NWPM Retreat.  Most invitees will be from the site leadership team, especially those TC’s who are in charge of areas such as Tech Liaisons, work with children summer camps, SI directors, and other areas of leadership.  We also want to invite teachers who have a program they are running: for example, Laura Amatuli’s summer writing camps, Cornelia Pokrzywa’s work in Rochester with the elderly, and Kris Griffor’s work with Warren Woods.  However if you have an interest in one of the areas of leadership and you would like to know more, please let Marshall Kitchens ( know so we can decide on our list of invitees.