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Recommend a Teacher for the Summer Institute

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Recommend a Teacher for the Summer Institute
By Mary Cox

Take a moment to reflect back on your Summer Institute.   What did you learn?  Who did you meet?  How did the experience change your teaching?   This was, I hope, a positive experience.  Now think about someone you know who is a master teacher and who would enjoy and learn from such an experience.

It would be wonderful if each TC could recommend a teacher who would be an asset to our Writing Project site.  

If you can send an address or e-mail for each person you would recommend, I will invite them for an interview for 2010’s Invitational Summer Institute.  Remember the quality expected of a
Summer Institute Fellows Meet to Discuss
Their Writing
Teacher Consultant.   Do you know someone who would benefit from an SI experience and who would bring energy and experience to the Meadow Brook Writing Project Site?  Let us know.   

You can send e-mails or addresses to Mary at