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OU Hosted a Panel discussion on Current and Future Trends in Embedded Systems

Thursday, January 21, 2010
OU Hosted a Panel discussion on Current and Future Trends in Embedded Systems

Embedded System Software Development– Current status and Future trend - A panel discussion by experts

At Room Dodge Hall 201, Oakland University,

on January 14, 2010, From 6:30 Pm to 8:30 PM.

Organized by  GL-Spin, Oakland University,

IEEE SEM Computer Chapter and IEEE OU EE student Chapter.


Due to the rapid growth of embedded systems hardware and applications in the industrial and consumer electronics markets the embedded software developers are now focusing more efforts on applying/ modifying the traditional software technologies. Embedded software systems differ from traditional software systems in many aspects: first, the software directly controls the physical sensors and actuators that are connected to the system; second, there is no sophisticated user interface; finally, embedded software implements time-critical behavior treating periodic and non-periodic events. Typical, areas of applications for embedded software are production and automation engineering, aerospace, automotive engineering, consumer electronics or telecommunication. Originally embedded system software was very application specific, and code reuse was unheard of. The embedded software industry is dominated by C programming which is a sequential language. C programming does not lend itself to code reusability. This led to millions of lines of code being written for specific applications. If any changes or bug fixes is needed there is a huge overhead to debug or troubleshoot at a later point in time. This led to more time and money being spent in testing and debugging rather than development.

This panel discussion will bring out the current and future trends in Embedded Software. The audience will also get time to take part in the discussion, and ask questions to the panelists. There is more detail on the panelists in the GL-SPIN web site. 

Refreshments will be available at 6 PM and Networking with others encouraged.