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Meadow Brook Writing Project Summer Institute e-Anthology

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Meadow Brook Writing Project Summer Institute e-Anthology
by Rebecca Rivard

Rebecca Rivard

Have you been searching for a teaching resource that is perpetually available and continuously updated by thousands of colleagues from every discipline and grade level? Well, this treasure of new ideas and like-minded innovators is available to you this summer through the Meadow Brook Writing Project’s summer institute. One of the pedagogically profitable tools of the summer institute is the unique e-anthology, an interactive website for summer institute participants. This online site is available to teacher consultants throughout the summer (and beyond) and affords free access to four interactive functions: Classroom Matters, Open MicA Day in the Life and The Guestbook.

The Guestbook is a way for you to introduce yourself to fellow institute members before the group actually meets. It’s a great way to note the diversity of experience, the grade levels, and the cross curriculum training each individual will share with you.

Classroom Matters takes you a step further; not only will you note the current practices of your colleagues in the institute, you will also be introduced to teaching ideas all over the United States from classrooms just like yours. It gives you an opportunity to have your questions answered and to immerse yourself in the newest emergent strategies in education.

While utilizing A Day in the Life you will be able to observe and comment on what is happening asynchronously in every summer National Writing Project institute across the nation. You can also engage in discussions of new teaching philosophies, various technologies, and best practices in real time.

The last gift of the e-anthology website is the Open Mic connection. As teachers of writing, we want to model good writing and need to immerse ourselves in the writing process in order to recreate and experience our students’ journeys as authors. With this link, you are able to post your own writing and get the kind of feedback you feel you need as well as provide the same for colleagues within your group and across the continent.
Rebecca is 2008 summer fellow and teacher consultant with the Meadow Brook Writing Project. She teaches writing and rhetoric courses at Oakland University.