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Wrap-up of MBWP Summer Institute 2003

Monday, September 1, 2003
Wrap-up of MBWP Summer Institute 2003
Two initiatives emerged from the November 15 wrap-up meeting of the MBWP Summer Institute of 2003.  A teacher-researcher group headed by Kathleen Reddy-Butkovich will form to create support and structure for writing fellows interested in classroom-based research.  Also, a continuity interest group, to be convened by 2003 fellows Karen Kline and Carol Osborn, will link fellows of various years and facilitate continued professional development and outreach through Meadow Brook Writing Project.  


Fellows from the 2003 MBWP Summer Institute shared their inquiry projects at the Saturday morning final session.  Projects focused on visual literacies and multi-genre assignments; the impact of the 5-step writing process on the quality of 7th graders' writing;  the sequential development of young writers, grade to grade, and the relationship of teachers' methods on that development; the use of "letter journals" to strengthen the reading-writing connection for children.


Conversation extended to daily teaching issues, to changes in approaches to writing and teaching as a result of being a writing project fellow, and to further ways to get connected to all the support materials available through the National Writing Project.