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Scientel repeats, SET Inc. joins in prestigous honor

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Scientel repeats, SET Inc. joins in prestigous honor

At this year's Corp! Magazine DiSciTech awards two OU INC clients earned themselves the honor of taking home awards in the Technology category. This is the second consecutive year in which two OU INC clients have received awards. The first year combination of Scientel and Cure Launcher and the second year combination of Sustainable Environmental Technologies and Scientel, continue to showcase amazing innovation and advancement. For Scientel, this is their second year in a row winning this great award. For Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET) this is their first year. Each of these two companies had something innovative and significant that helped them stand out from their competition.

SET Inc. is the producer of a patented pretreatment system using EPA-approved self-perpetuating microbes to eliminate fats, grease, and oils from restaurant wastewater discharges. SET’s Advanced Grease Interceptor System eliminates clogs, fines, and scheduled grease trap pumping. A key to SET’s evolution and development is the empowering atmosphere that the company holds and the development of their talent. SET continues to work to reduce the size of its control panels and to improve speed. Amongst their latest success highlights is the company’s expansion of its restaurant business.

Scientel Inc. specializes in the design of advanced NoSQL database management system (DBMS) applications for advanced business processes, as well as designing customized hardware and software. In the long-term, Scientel’s vision and goal is to design and develop a NoSQL DBMS that can handle all big data in its high volume, variety, velocity, and variability/complexity, and all the types of variable-format documents that flow into and within today’s enterprises at random. President and CEO Norman T. Kutemperor believes that business customers can take advantage of Scientel’s capabilities to grow their own business by handling big data more cost-effectively and with greater insights. Scientel’s employee management approach prioritizes detailed project background research, the prioritizing of clear descriptions of work, and allows freedom to generate creative solutions.

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