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Congratulations to the 2013 AP Award Recipients

Friday, April 25, 2014
Congratulations to the 2013 AP Award Recipients
In recognition of the many outstanding accomplishments of Oakland University's AP employees, the university is pleased to announce the winners for the AP Award for 2013. The award is $1,000.

The AP award fund, established specifically for this recognition, honors exemplary service and exceptional contributions made by individual AP employees.

The 2013 AP Award Recipients are as follows:

Dennis Bolton, UTS Network Support
Corey Brittingham, University Human Resources
Janine DeWitte, Academic Human Resources
Nancy Fetzer, Financial Aid
James Franklin, Counseling Center
Amanda Fylan, Alumni Relations
Carrie Gilchrist, Financial Aid
Adam Gordon, Classroom Support/Tech Services
Jillian Gust, Accounts Payable
Monica Haines, University Human Resources
Jo Hairston, President
Linda Harding, Student Affairs
James Hargett, Asst VP & Controller
Susan Hartman, Classroom Support/Tech Services
Terry Herald, Music, Theatre, Dance
Brittani Hobbs, Student Services
Jennifer Janes, Student Services
Kenyettera Junior, Nursing
Holly Kerstner, Athletics Administration
Steven King, Classroom Support/Tech Services
Shane Lewis, Admissions
Renee Ligeski, Arts & Sciences Advising
Krista Malley, Arts & Sciences Advising
Adam McChesney, Business Administration
Eric Merrill, E-Learning & Instructional Support
Kristy Mitchell, Development Services
Todd Nucci, Communications & Marketing
Linda Oliver, Development Information Services
Tomico Reynolds, Nursing
Suzanne Rossi, Political Science
Rebecca Sandborg, Office of Research Administration
Susan Sarkasian, Treasury Management
Ben Schutz, Admissions
Steven Shablin, Registrar
Eric Stevens, Engineering & Computer Science
Penny Stilwell, Academic Affairs
Terry Stollsteimer, Facilities Business Management
Rueben Ternes, Institutional Research
Diane Underwood, E-Learning & Instructional Support
Julie Urbano, Budget & Financial Planning
Dennis Waters, UTS Operations
Grace Wojcik, Center for Student Activities
Lorin Wright, SEHS Advising Office
James Zentmeyer, University Housing