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New Sociology Internship Course Coming Winter 2015!

Monday, April 21, 2014
New Sociology Internship Course Coming Winter 2015!

Attention Sociology students: there is a NEW COURSE OFFERING for Winter 2015: SOC 399: Field Experience in Sociology! Do you want to find out what you can do with your Sociology major? Are you longing to apply your sociological knowledge and imagination in the real world? This is an opportunity for you to experience an internship in sociology!

The course (taught by Dr. Orbuch) entails the placement and supervision of students in a community organization, business, or field that utilizes sociological knowledge and/or skills. Students will learn how to apply their sociological imagination and knowledge in a work situation and develop employment skills. The completion of associated course work is required to receive academic credit.

The course meets on Tuesday and Thursday 3 – 4:47 pm. Students participate in their internship placement for a minimum of 120 hours (approximately 8 hours/week contingent on agency need and availability of hours). Prerequisite(s): Junior/senior major or minor standing; 16 credits of sociology, of which 8 must be at the 300/400 level and permission of the instructor.

Please email Professor Terri Orbuch at if you are interested in this course. Interviews for course will take place between May - August 2014. The goal is to have a placement established before the Winter 2015 term begins.