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Business students’ coffee business featured in local papers

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Business students’ coffee business featured in local papers

Read all about it OU’s Café de Kuna students, Ideas 2 Business Lab and Professor Mark Simon are featured in articles in the Oakland Press, Macomb Daily and Royal Oak Tribune.

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The articles, all written by Molly Tippen, begin:

The sought after bean is one of the world’s largest exports, and consumers are willing to pay top dollar for a cup of java.

But despite the fact that most people have a cup of coffee on their desks, farmers in Wacuco Kuna, a small village in the Darién region of Panama, are struggling to capitalize on their valuable commodity.

Not only are they competing with local competition, they’re being low-balled by coffee buyers that are not paying a fair price for their coffee.

It’s a situation that a group of Oakland University undergraduates are aiming to eliminate with the inception of Café de Kuna, a program that allows them use what they’ve learned in business school to help the farmers in Wacuco Kuna.  Read the full article here