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OU INC Client iTrack featured in Promotional Video

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
OU INC Client iTrack featured in Promotional Video

OU INC Client iTrack featured in promotional video

In December 2013, Wesley International Pack Mule visited OU INC client iTrack to view a demonstration and beta test of the latest technology in Autonomous Ground Vehicles. The technology proves to be highly flexible, easier and less expensive to implement and change, and highly fault resistant and easy to maintain. Wesley produced a YouTube promotional video for their tugger vehicles during that demonstration featuring the iTrack technology.

 iTrack, a Michigan-based company, was established in 2008, and specializes in creating precise tracking and autonomous navigational systems in GPS-denied environments.

But the unmanned robotic technology has other uses as well. iTrack’s technology is also used in both the defense and entertainment industries. For example, iTrack technology was used to autonomously move several large set pieces in a Pennsylvania theatre production of “Jonah.” This type of technology can be expanded to more aspects of entertainment, says iTrack CEO Jerry Atkinson.

For more information on iTrack and their services, visit their website.