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New Course in Exercise Science!

Monday, November 11, 2013
New Course in Exercise Science!



America and much of the developed world is coping with an obesity epidemic.  Many Health Science students are preparing for careers in which they will deal with obese clients and their co-morbidities.  This course prepares them to understand obesity and the role physical activity has in preventing and treating the disease.

Course Description: Obesity is a complex disease with myriad contributing factors.  This course addresses the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity, with particular emphasis on the role of physical activity.  Metabolism, energy balance, and social, psychological, mechanical, and behavioral issues are discussed.

Instructor:  Dr. Myung Choi, Ph.D. is an obesity expert and is joining the full-time faculty of the Exercise Science program in January.

Schedule:  Wednesdays – 6:30 pm to 8:17 pm in Winter Semester, 2014 in room 2086 Human Health Building.  Undergraduate students register for EXS 441 (CRN 14982).  Graduate students register for EXS 541 (CRN 15089).

Uses:  This course (EXS 441) is an excellent elective for any undergraduate student seeking a Minor in Exercise Science, the Concentration in Exercise Science in the BS in Health Sciences degree or the Exercise Science Focus in the Wellness, Health Promotion, Injury Prevention degree.   Graduate students in the MS in Exercise Science can use this course (EXS 541) as an elective toward degree completion.  MPH degree students may be interested in this course (EXS 541) to bolster their knowledge of obesity management.

Go online in SAIL to register for this exciting new course.