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OU INC Welcomes New Medical Device Client: Functional Innovation Entreprises

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
OU INC Welcomes New Medical Device Client: Functional Innovation Entreprises

Functional Innovation Enterprises is one of the nation’s leading providers in versatile treatment and innovative assessment instruments.

Our goal is a simple one: to work with you our valued partner and provide your facility with evidence-based assessment and treatment methods, products and practices to ensure that your therapy services are armed with the most productive and functional tools necessary to meet your client’s needs.

OU INC welcomes new client, Functional Innovation Enterprises. Functional Innovation Enterprises LLC was founded in 2010 by Nathan Barnett, an occupational therapist. In his profession he experienced first-hand some of the challenges in providing the highest level of patient care while in a cost effective manner. He developed an instrument which acts as both a standardized balance assessment and a versatile treatment tool that could be used in almost any health care setting. The Barnett Rehabilitation System is one of the first portable, standardized, assessment and treatment instruments on the market. By utilizing research as the backbone of their products and methods, the company has found a unique niche’ in the healthcare sector through providing the versatile treatment and evidence-based assessment products for use in therapy settings.

The groundbreaking Barnett Rehabilitation System has provided clinicians with more opportunities to treat almost any patient dysfunction while the evidence-based Barnett Balance Assessment has ensured that the clinician, reimbursement services, and attending physicians are provided with sensitive descriptive data not-before seen in other more commonly used balance assessments. With the Barnett Rehabilitation System, therapists are able to creatively develop therapy treatments to increase the patient’s recovery success. As the company continues to grow, it will also reach physical and occupational therapists in home-healthcare, outpatient and inpatient care, skilled nursing, and acute settings.

Barnett said that “His experience as a teacher and in the insurance industry providing an important insight while developing and refining the design. It has been tremendous seeing the different and innovative ways that the therapists are using it to help their patients!” More information can be found on their website: