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Frequently Asked Questions for Career Services:

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Who is eligible to use Career Services?
Career Services are available to all current matriculated students and alumni of Oakland University.
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What are the services available at Career Services? (Your complete job source for on- and off-campus jobs)
Resume reviews
Resource Center
Company Meet & Greets
Career Advising
Career Fairs
On-Campus Interviewing
Workshops on Request
Career Research Links
Mock Interviews
CAST Mentor Program
Internships and Co-ops
On-line Resume
Posting On- and off-campus jobs
Full- and part-time positions
Career Events
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What is the first step in registering with Career Services online recruiting service?
You can register directly online at Registration is free for OU students and alumni. It is recommended to have your resume critiqued before putting it online.
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Is there any information on government jobs?
In addition to presentations one can find information at here.
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Does Oakland Offer Career Selection Help?
Yes. Services in the Advising Resource Center help students make decisions about academic majors and careers. We offer a Career Assessment Package free of charge where three assessment tests are given and career counseling occurs. We also help students learn what different careers are like, the job outlook, earnings, etc.
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Where can I find on-campus jobs and work study jobs?
In addition to a number of other jobs you can find on-campus and work study positions on
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What are some resources for my career development?
The Advising Resource Center (ARC) assists Oakland University students who have not decided on a major, as well as students who would like to explore their options. The ARC provides free career counseling and major exploration services, in addition to academic advising services. Career assessments (tests) are used to identify personality characteristics, interests and values as they relate to potential major and career options. Career workshops, groups and special programs are also offered. 121 N. Foundation Hall Rochester, MI 48309 (248) 370-3227
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What is the CAST program?
CAST stands for Connecting Alumni and Students Together. Alumni participate in the program and students have the ability to connect to them through Students can receive the following benefits from participation in the CAST program: Career Exploration Discussion of Job Opportunities Informational Interviews Job Shadowing Mock Interviews Networking Office Visits Campus Involvement
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Where do I find information about Internships and Co-ops?
On Career Services website there is an entire section devoted to internships and co-ops. This includes: Frequently Asked Questions, Applying for an Internship, How to be Successful, Student Testimonials and more. Go to and click on Internships then Internship information for students or visit this website.
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Where is Career Services located?
Currently Career Services is a 275 W. Vandenberg Hall. However, Career Services plans to move to North Foundation Hall over the summer of 2010.
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What Types of Jobs are available for my major?
To find out what type of job is available for your major, you will need to do some investigation. Most majors leave the door open for many different career paths. Your skills, resourcefulness, ambition, luck and experience also play important roles in finding and keeping jobs. The Advising Resource Center is an excellent resource for researching the possibilities. Finally, remember that people are often your best resource. Talk with your adviser, faculty members and others associated with certain majors or careers. They can provide insightful information that may assist you in the decision-making process.
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When an employer asks for a copy of my transcripts, what does this mean and how do I obtain them?
The employer is asking for a copy of your academic records, or transcripts, which are available from the Office of the Registrar. Most employers will accept an unofficial (or student) copy, and you can download one from SAIL. However, if an employer specifically requests an official copy, it must be properly certified by the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will prepare these with appropriate advance notice. It is important to allow extra time to obtain these official transcripts.
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