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Frequently Asked Questions for Academic Programs:

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Do you have an honors program?
Yes, Oakland has an Honors College, which offers a specially designed general education program and additional requirements, in conjunction with a departmental major from the College of Arts and Sciences or one of the professional schools. Honors College core courses replace general education courses required to graduate from Oakland University.
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Do you have graduate programs?
Oakland University offers many graduate degree and certificate programs.
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How do I apply for a masters program?
Students can apply to a masters program by submitting an application to Graduate Admissions at Oakland University. Applications are available online or paper applications can be requested. Admission requirements and deadlines vary by academic program.

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How do I declare a major or change majors?
Undergraduate students who want to declare or change majors must fill out a Change of Major form in the college or school with which you are planning to pursue a program of study. For example, if you switch from Undecided to Psychology, you start the paperwork in the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office. You will receive more detailed instructions when you start the process. Just remember that some programs impose additional restrictions and/or criteria for admission.  All first-year students should schedule an appointment with their assigned adviser in the First Year Advising Center to change their major.  Graduate students should file a Request for Program Transfer in the Office of Graduate Study in 520 O'Dowd Hall. The policy and form are also available online.
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How do I get information about majors?
For information about academic majors, you should make an appointment with an academic adviser. All first-year and undecided students may schedule a appointment with their assigned academic adviser in the First Year Advising Center. Upperclass undergraduate students will need to contact the specific school or college advising office. If you are re-deciding your major and would like information about various majors you can schedule an appointment with the First Year Advising Center in 121 North Foundation Hall. For graduate students, a list of academic programs is available on the web.
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What types of jobs are available for my major?
To find out what type of job is available for your major, you will need to do some investigation. Most majors leave the door open for many different career paths. Your skills, resourcefulness, ambition, luck and experience also play important roles in finding and keeping jobs. The Undecided Advisers in 121 North Foundation Hall are an excellent resource for researching the possibilities. Finally, remember that people are often your best resource. Talk with your adviser, faculty members and others associated with certain majors or careers. They can provide insightful information that may assist you in the decision-making process.
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What undergraduate programs do you offer?
Oakland University offers many undergraduate degree programs through the College of Arts and Sciences and our five professional schools. You can ask an academic adviser questions from the Advising Resource Center Web site.
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Where do I find out about study abroad opportunities?
If you are interested in study abroad opportunities, you should contact a departmental adviser for information. Students also may contact:

Office for International Education
Brian Connery, Director
160 North Foundation Hall 

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Which OU programs require a higher GPA for admission?
OU programs that require a higher GPA for admission include:
  • Engineering: 2.8
  • Nursing: 2.8
  • Education: 2.7
  • Physical Therapy: 2.8
  • Business: 2.6

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