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LGBTQA Employee Resource Group

Frequently Asked Questions for LGBTQA Employee Resource Group:

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What is the LGBTQA ERG?
The LGBTQA Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a volunteer, employee-managed group that promotes the interests of our LGBTQ and Ally constituency. Our ERG is open to all OU employees. Our purpose is to align our group with upper-level employees to create a bridge between the university and its employees by promoting awareness and enthusiasm for diversity inclusion. Our ERG has a university sponsor (Dean Julie Voelck) who works with the ERG to develop and achieve ERG goals. In addition, our ERG has a president (Tim Larrabee) who is a current ERG member.
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May I direct my gift to support a designated program or area?
Yes. When completing the give to OU form or talking with an OU development officer, simply indicate how you want your gift to be used.
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