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How many jobs will be created by the medical school?
When the medical school is fully operational, it has the potential to generate hundreds of jobs for the region.
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What impact will the medical school have on the local and state economy?
The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine will boost our local and regional economies by generating new jobs and attracting medical, business and academic leaders from around the world. It will also help accelerate the state's transition from and manufacturing to knowledge-based economy. 
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What is the mission of the medical school?

The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine is a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and technologically advanced learning community, dedicated to enabling students to become skillful, ethical, and compassionate physicians, inquisitive scientists who are invested in the scholarship of discovery, and dynamic and effective medical educators. Our mission is accomplished through a student-centered approach to biomedical education, a patient-centered approach to the delivery of health care, and a focus on highly original research that includes the biomedical sciences and extends beyond the laboratory to all disciplines that impact the health of patients and their communities.

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How long has OU been working toward a medical school?
We have been developing resources for a medical school for decades through the School of Health Sciences—which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007—the School of Nursing and our biomedical research facilities, including the Eye Research Institute. 
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How did the OU-Beaumont medical school partnership come about?
OU and Beaumont have been working together for many years on collaborative programs, including eye research and a nationally recognized nurse anesthesia program. The current and worsening shortage of trained physicians was a need that both organizations realized and sought to remedy. Discussions on this topic began several years ago.
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What is the level of financial commitment by Beaumont and OU to the medical school?
OU will provide the basic science educational components of the medical school as well as the non-clinical administration and operations, funded through revenue generated by medical student tuition and fees, affiliation support, extramural research and philanthropy. Beaumont will provide the clinical educational components, clinical administration, half the dean’s cost and scholarship support.
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How is the medical program designed?
The first two years of the four-year curriculum consists of basic medical science in classrooms and labs on Oakland’s campus. Students will be placed in hospitals for clinical rotations in years three and four. Beaumont’s hospitals in Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe will be the primary locations for these placements.
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Do you have plans to build facilities at Beaumont or at OU for the new medical school?
The first home for the medical school is in O’Dowd Hall, where much of the infrastructure needed was already in place. Interior renovations have been made on the second floor of the O'Dowd Hall to accommodate the Center for Medical Student Services. A School of Medicine building is planned on the northwest corner of the OU campus as part of a research park that will also include a new Human Health Building.
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Are naming opportunities available for medical school donors?
Yes. Naming opportunities are available for scholarships, professorships, future construction, and the like are available.
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