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Bachelor of Integrative Studies

Frequently Asked Questions for Bachelor of Integrative Studies:

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Can I complete this degree exclusively in the evening?
Yes. Oakland University offers a wide variety of evening courses both on campus and at extension sites. Nearly all departments and schools are represented. However, not all courses are available every semester in the evening. Students should check the Schedule of Classes for a given semester for specific course offerings. BIS students who can take only evening classes may substitute available courses for courses originally listed on their plan of study. This substitution mechanism allows maximum flexibility and accommodates necessary changes caused by schedule limitations.
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How marketable is a BIS degree?
Any degree is only as marketable as the person who earns it. Thus, marketability depends on students’ skills and abilities acquired from their individualized programs and their past work experiences. Many BIS students already are employed and find the degree suitable to secure their positions, make them eligible for promotion and/or meet their personal goals.
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I am undecided about what degree or major I want. Should I select a BIS degree?
No. BIS students are required to select courses and design a detailed plan of study as well as write a rationale to justify that plan. BIS students, therefore, must have solid educational and personal goals before beginning the program. Undecided students, on the other hand, have particular advising needs that center around the exploration of major and career options. It is in the best interest of such students to work with academic advisers for one of the undecided categories at the university.
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Is a BIS degree for me?
A BIS degree is not for everyone. Many non-traditional students choose the degree because it allows them to integrate their prior course work into a comprehensive, meaningful degree. A BIS degree also is appropriate for any student interested in developing an individualized interdisciplinary major.
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Is the BIS degree curriculum for students who could not handle a regular major?
No. Students who are seeking a BIS degree should have a definite educational goal that cannot be met through a traditional major. The BIS student develops an interdisciplinary plan of study to attain those goals and does so in accordance with a carefully planned direction, not just to avoid specific requirements of a traditional major. A general alternative for a student unable to successfully handle one traditional program would be to seek another traditional program better suited to the student’s ability.
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Is this degree the same as a liberal arts degree?
The BIS degree is a self-designed program. That means plans differ according to students’ individual needs and interests. If students focus their course work on liberal arts, their degrees will parallel a liberal arts degree. Other students, however, might develop program plans incorporating courses or minors in computer science, human resource development and business. Degrees with that kind of focus are distinctly different from a liberal arts degree.
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Will I be accepted into graduate school with a BIS degree?
Perhaps. A great many BIS students have gone on to a wide variety of graduate programs. Acceptance into a graduate school is dependent upon many factors (e.g., grades, test scores and background preparation). Acquiring a baccalaureate degree is usually one of these factors. In some cases, however, a specific baccalaureate degree may be required for admission into a desired graduate program. Students considering graduate work should consult the graduate school(s) in which they are interested for that school’s requirements for admission.
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