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Frequently Asked Questions for Scholarships:

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Are family finances considered when awarding scholarships?
Most of Oakland University's academic scholarships are awarded based on merit. However, there are a few scholarships where financial need is taken into consideration. See the scholarship descriptions for more information.
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Are scholarship awards renewable?
Most of OU's scholarships are renewable if recipients continue to meet the criteria at the time the scholarship originally was awarded. The renewal process is handled by the Financial Aid Office.
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As a transfer student, can I get a scholarship if I attend Oakland University in the winter or summer?
Currently, Oakland only offers scholarships to students entering in the fall semester.
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Does the Center for Multicultural Initiatives give scholarships to on campus students?
Students who have a demonstrated emergency financial need that will prevent them from continuing their education might be eligible for Retention Fund scholarships from the Center for Multicultural Initiatives. Students who have a minimum 3.0 GPA and who have demonstrated a commitment to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy of honoring intercultural relationships and interracial understanding through their actions at OU and beyond can apply for the annual Keeper of the Dream Award.  Students who have earned a 2.5 or higher g.p.a. and who have earned at least 24 credit hours are eligible for the CMI Sharp Book Loan up to $250.00.
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Does the OUAA offer scholarships?
OU alumni have raised more than $1 million for the OUAA Scholarship Program. Each year the alumni association awards scholarships totaling more than $90,000 to OU students. Scholarship applications are available online starting in January and selections are made in March for the following fall and winter semesters.

For more information about the OUAA scholarship program, please visit our website at

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How do I apply for a scholarship?
Oakland does not have a separate scholarship application for academic merit scholarships. Visit the scholarships website for current deadlines. 
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How long is the application process for scholarships and grants?
Generally, it takes students about 60 days to complete and provide all required information for the application.
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How will I be notified about scholarships?
Oakland University will contact you if you are selected to receive an award.
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I plan to start at Oakland University in the winter semester.  How can I get a scholarship?
Many university departments have information on scholarships for the students in their department. For information about specific OU scholarships, see the scholarship page on the Financial Aid site. Also, search the Internet or visit the library to find out about other scholarship opportunities.
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When should I apply for a scholarship or grant?
It is best to start the application process at least one year in advance.
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Who is eligible for OU's scholarships?
New undergraduate students are considered for OU's academic merit scholarships based on their admission application. Oakland does not have a separate scholarship application for academic merit scholarships. Visit the scholarships website for current deadlines. 

If you are a returning student, the eligibility requirements for OU's scholarships vary. These requirements are explained in the scholarship descriptions. Graduate students should refer to the Graduate Catalog for scholarship information, which is available online.
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Why hasn’t my financial aid been applied to my account to reduce my balance due?
Access SAIL at to see the status of your financial aid. If you think aid is missing, go to the Financial Aid menu to review your financial aid award and requirements. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services by visiting us at 120 North Foundation Hall, by calling us at (248) 370-2550, or by e-mailing the Financial Aid Office at
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