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Are there fraternities and sororities on OU's campus?
Yes. Oakland University has a number of Greek Organizations.
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How do I join a student organization?
Find out about OU's student and Greek organizations by visiting the Center for Student Activities Office, through the Involvement Fair after New Student Convocation, Student and Greek Organization Days held during Welcome Week in the Oakland Center, and attending the meetings and programs sponsored by student and Greek organizations.
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How much does it cost to reserve a hallway table in the Oakland Center?
There is no charge for student organizations to use Oakland Center tables for information. There is a charge for any off-campus business to use the table for promotion purposes. For more information, please contact the Oakland Center Scheduling Office at (248) 370-3230.
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What does CSA stand for?
CSA is the acronym for the Center for Student Activities (CSA) Office (more formally known as The Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development).
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What does the CSA (Center for Student Activities) office offer?
The Center for Student Activities Office encourages OU students to "GET INVOLVED!!!" by providing many co-curricular and community outreach opportunities that complement the classroom experience, prepares students to be leaders for the future in a diverse society, develops mentoring and networking connections, fosters interpersonal relationships, and promotes professional and personal enrichment with other OU students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public.
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What is there to do on OU's campus? How do I find out about activities?
There are educational, social, cultural and recreational programs offered all the time on OU's campus. To find out what's happening and when, check out the CSA website. You can also check out campus bulletin boards, look at banners hanging in the Oakland Center, read The Oakland Post, listen to WXOU 88.3 FM, watch OUTV on Comcast Cablestation channel 74, stop by the service desk in the Recreation Center, and OU's home page and Campus Calendar.
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What kind of student organizations are at OU?
Each academic year, there are over 170 student organizations registered at OU. They fall within the categories of academics, community service, engineering, Greek fraternities and sororities, multicultural, political, religious, social and club sports.
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When do I buy my text books for each term?
Textbooks are available generally 3-4 weeks before the start of each semester. Purchases can be made at the store or online at our website, Online orders can be held at the store for pick-up, or shipped with applicable shipping charges.  Forms of payment accepted online are credit card, debit card, Paypal, Spirit Cash, and Barnes & Noble Gift Card.
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