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Do you have an honors program?
Yes, Oakland has an Honors College, which offers a specially designed general education program and additional requirements, in conjunction with a departmental major from the College of Arts and Sciences or one of the professional schools. Honors College core courses replace general education courses required to graduate from Oakland University.
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How can I join the Honors College?
All students or future students are welcome to request an application from the Honors College at (248) 370-4450. A student wishing to apply must fill out the application and submit it for evaluation. Admittance will be granted according to the merit of the application, the student's high school GPA, as well as his or her overall ACT score.
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How would I benefit from joining the Honors College at Oakland University?
Students in the Honors College are typically high achievers who want to think about and question what they are learning. Being a part of the Honors College gives this type of student the opportunity to cultivate individual thought and creativity via advanced course topics, small classroom environments, and individual research.
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If I received a letter in the mail from the Honors College, does that mean I'm already in the program?
No. During the winter semester, the Honors College sends out letters of invitation to prospective high school students who have enrolled at Oakland and meet the minimum requirement to enroll in the Honors College. If you have received an invitation letter, you may contact the Honors College office to set up an appointment for an interview with the director.
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What are the requirements for being in the Honors College program?
In addition to achieving a 3.50 GPA, Honors College students must take at least four Honors College core courses, achieve a second-year proficiency in a foreign language, produce an independent project, and complete the senior colloquium. More information is available on the Honors College Web site.
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