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Grizzly ID Number Information

Frequently Asked Questions for Grizzly ID Number Information:

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What if I forget my Grizzly ID number?
You can get your Grizzly ID number sent to your Oakland e-mail account by accessing the Grizzly ID number Web site and answering a few security questions. Students can obtain their Grizzly ID number in person by presenting picture identification at a student services office. You will not be able to receive your Grizzly ID number via phone.

OU Alumni (graduates with an OU diploma) can be access their Grizzly ID through the GrizzLink online community:
  • Login to GrizzLink
  • Click on “Account” in the gold bar
  • Click on “Education” on the tab bar
  • Your Grizzly ID number will be displayed
 During the transition, you also can obtain your Grizzly ID number by logging onto SAIL with your SSN and PIN, and viewing your class schedule, grades or unofficial transcript. Your name and Grizzly ID number will appear in the upper right corner of the page.

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What is my student number?
Your student number is your Grizzly ID number.
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What is the Grizzly ID number?
The Grizzly ID number is a unique number assigned to students and employees.  It is a system-generated number that includes one letter – G – and eight random-generated numeric characters.  It is not the same as the number as printed on your SpiritCard.
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Who needs a Grizzly number?
All OU faculty, staff and students need a Grizzly ID number.

Faculty and staff will need their Grizzly ID number to access SAIL.

Students will use the Grizzly ID number to access SAIL and eBill.

Alumni will need the Grizzly number (or a previous student ID number) to access SAIL to get an unofficial copy of their transcript, keep biographical information up to date, view and sign up for volunteer opportunities and to inform Alumni Relations of the Class Notes information they would like published in OU Magazine.

Others who have a business relationship with the university may also need a Grizzly ID number.
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Why do I still need to provide my SSN for financial aid, employment and other similar services?
Oakland University is still required to collect and report the SSN for all students and employees for purposes like financial aid administration, IRS reporting, benefits administration and other reporting of state and federal agencies.
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Why is a separate identification number necessary?
Oakland University uses Grizzly IDs in response to state legislation that prohibits using a person’s SSN as a primary identification number, unless the disclosure is authorized by law as is the case for payroll services and Financial Aid with the IRS, for example. The legislation is intended to help prevent identity theft, make it easier for victims to restore good credit histories and help nab thieves.

Oakland University protects sensitive information by limiting routine use to help you minimize risk of identify theft or other instances of fraud. There are an increasing number of institutions, locally and nationally, that no longer use SSN as the primary identification number.
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Will my PIN change?
No. The PIN you currently use to access SAIL will not be affected.
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