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Frequently Asked Questions for Graduate Admissions:

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 I am an international student, where/how do I apply for admission to OU? 
If you are interested in an undergraduate program you can visit the How to Apply page and select International Students for detailed application instructions. To speak with an admission advisers, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (800) OAK-UNIV. For graduate studies, you can apply online for Graduate Admissions or you can contact the Graduate Admissions Office at (248)370-3167.
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After you receive my completed application, how long will it be before I know if I have been admitted?
Once your application materials are received, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will make a decision within 12 weeks. Admissions decisions are sent by U.S. mail. If you receive a delay decision, you should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (800) OAK-UNIV or (248) 370-3360.

You can check our application status online. Select “Apply for Admission”, then enter the login and PIN you created when you first applied. You may also request a status check by calling the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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As a graduate student, what financial aid might I be qualified to receive?
If you show eligibility for need-based assistance, based on your FAFSA application, you may receive need-based loans or college work-study. If you do not have need-based eligibility, you may apply for non-need-based loans or regular student employment. Other financial assistance may be available through graduate assistantships. Graduate assistantships are offered through the academic departments. Contact your department chair for more information.
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Can I be a guest student on an F-1 visa at Oakland University?
Yes. You must obtain either an undegraduate guest student application or a graduate guest student application and we will be able to process your application.
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Do I need to set up an appointment with an academic adviser prior to orientation?
No. Meeting with an adviser and registering for classes is included as part of the orientation program for undergraduate students. Graduate students should make an appointment with their adviser upon admission.
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Do I need to take the TOEFL?
Non-native English speakers are required to provide proof of English proficiency. Students with foreign academic credentials can provide proof of English proficiency with test scores from the TOEFL or the MELAB. Please read Oakland University English Language Proficiency for more details.
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Do you have graduate programs?
Oakland University offers many graduate degree and certificate programs.
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How can I schedule an appointment with an admissions adviser?
Any student who wishes to meet with an admissions adviser may call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (800) OAK-UNIV to arrange an appointment.

Students who wish to make an appointment regarding graduate admissions should call the Office of Graduate Study at (248) 370-3167.
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How can I see my academic adviser?
All first-year students, as well as undecided and re-deciding upperclassmen will meet with their assigned academic adviser in the First Year Advising Center in 121 North Foundation Hall. For undergraduate students who have earned 28 or more credits and have selected a major, you will meet with your academic adviser in the school/college of the selected major. Please remember that every new student will their academic adviser during their orientation program. You can identify your adviser by going to Graduate student advising is handled at the department level. 
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How do I apply for a masters program?
Students can apply to a masters program by submitting an application to Graduate Admissions at Oakland University. Applications are available online or paper applications can be requested. Admission requirements and deadlines vary by academic program.

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How do I apply online?
For undergraduate students to apply online, simply view the online application on the Future Students site. Be sure to keep the login and PIN you created so you check your application status online.

Graduate Student applications are also available at  
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How do I get information about majors?
For information about academic majors, you should make an appointment with an academic adviser. All first-year and undecided students may schedule a appointment with their assigned academic adviser in the First Year Advising Center. Upperclass undergraduate students will need to contact the specific school or college advising office. If you are re-deciding your major and would like information about various majors you can schedule an appointment with the First Year Advising Center in 121 North Foundation Hall. For graduate students, a list of academic programs is available on the web.
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How do I transfer a graduate class from another university to Oakland?
Students wishing to transfer graduate credit to Oakland University must submit a completed Graduate Transfer Credit Request Form and submit an official transcript(s). Read the OU transfer credit policy.
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How do I transfer my F-1 visa at another school to Oakland?
First you must complete either an undergraduate or graduate application and meet all the requirements for the issue of a new I-20. Students wishing to obtain an I-20 from Oakland University for graduate coursework should also review our international student requirements.
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How does an international student get an I-20 or DS-2019?
After the admissions office determines that your file is in order and everything needed has been submitted, your file is sent to the International Students & Scholars Office. There, your I-20 or DS-2019 is prepared and sent to you along with other helpful information.
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I would like to obtain an F-1 visa and I am currently not in the United States.  What steps do I need to take?
To start to obtain an F-1 visa status, you can complete an online undergraduate or graduate application. We will then send you the additional forms required.
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I would like to take a class at Oakland University during the summer, but I currently attend a different Michigan college/university. What do I need to do?
To attend Oakland University as a guest student at the undergraduate level, you will need to pick up a Michigan Uniform Guest Application from the records/registrar’s office of your university or online. That office will then need to complete, sign and affix their seal to the bottom portion of the application. You then complete the rest and mail it to us at:

Oakland University

Office of Admissions

101 North Foundation Hall

Rochester, MI 48309-4401.

If your university is out-of-state, it is very important to make sure that official transcripts are sent to our office along with the application.

As for class availability, schedules are available on OU's Registrar's site. Often times, various departments on campus know well before schedules are printed which courses are being offered and when. To get in touch with the department or for information, the operator can assist you at (248) 370-2100.

Students who wish to be a guest student at the graduate level should contact the Office of Graduate Study at (248) 370-3167.
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If I am an international student, do I need to attend an orientation program?
Yes. The Office of International Students and Scholars coordinates a special program to meet your needs. They will send you information regarding your orientation program.
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If I am an out-of-state or international student, how can I change my residency rates?
Students who would like to change their residency rates must apply for re-classification with the Registrar's Office. You can also find helpful information about re-classification in the undergraduate catalog and graduate catalog.
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Is there an application deadline?
While there is no official application deadline for regular freshman or transfer admission, candidates are encouraged to submit their on-line application at least ninety days in advance of the start of the term they wish to enter.

Students interested in enrolling in a Community College Partnership must submit their online application for admission by the following dates:

Fall Deadline          July 1
Winter Deadline     October 1
Summer Deadline   April 1

Students interested in applying as a post baccalaureate, teacher certification ( U1) additional degree (U2), additional major/minor, additional endorsement to teacher certification (U4), second undergraduate degree with pre-requisites (U5) must apply by the following deadlines

Fall Deadline   July 1
Winter Deadline December 1 
Summer Deadline April 1

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May I speak to an adviser for my graduate program?
Academic advising at the graduate level is conducted in the academic departments.
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What is my student number?
Your student number is your Grizzly ID number.
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What is the application fee for admission?
There is no application fee. You can apply online for free!
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When is the deadline for graduate admissions?

Deadlines for admission to graduate programs vary by academic program. You can find individual program deadlines in the Graduate Program Academic Catalog.

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