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Oakland University provides electronic mail services for registered students, faculty, and staff. You will need to use the Webmail powered by Google servers in order to access your e-mail account. Directions for configuring e-mail clients are below. The following is a list of services that are available for usage.

 Click here for Google Apps Performance Status:   Google Apps Status Dashboard

Service Function Location Port Security
Webcal / Webmail Web-based Access
IMAP/POP Synchronization Synchronize Passwords Click here to synchronize your password
Unlock Captcha Account Unlock
Two-step Verification Authorized Access
NetID Username in Mail Client [netid]
IMAP Server Incoming Mail 993 SSL
POP Server Incoming Mail 995 SSL
SMTP Server Outgoing Mail  **preferred 587 STARTTLS
SMTP Server Outgoing Mail 465 SSL

Account - Am I Eligible for an E-mail Account? HTML
Account Set-up with either IMAP or POP HTML
E-mail Service Level Agreement HTML
Google Apps Help HTML
Google Apps Known Issues HTML
Google Apps Status Dashboard HTML
Google Mobile HTML
Google Mobile Help HTML
Webcal Powered by Google HTML
Google Drive HTML
Webmail Powered by Google HTML
Websites Powered by Google HTML
Webstart Page Powered by Google Help HTML

July 2011