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Oakland University provides electronic mail services for registered students, faculty, and staff. You will need to use the Webmail powered by Google servers in order to access your e-mail account. Directions for configuring e-mail clients are below. The following is a list of services that are available for usage.

 Click here for Google Apps Performance Status:   Google Apps Status Dashboard

Account - Am I Eligible for an E-mail Account? HTML
E-mail Service Level Agreement HTML
Google Apps Help HTML
Google Apps Known Issues HTML
Google Apps Status Dashboard HTML
Google Mobile HTML

Service Function Location Port Security
Webcal / Webmail Web-based Access
IMAP/POP Synchronization Synchronize Passwords Click here to synchronize your password
Unlock Captcha Account Unlock
Two-step Verification Authorized Access
NetID Username in Mail Client [netid]
IMAP Server Incoming Mail 993 SSL
POP Server Incoming Mail 995 SSL
SMTP Server Outgoing Mail  **preferred 587 STARTTLS
SMTP Server Outgoing Mail 465 SSL

May 2015