University Technology Services
Dodge Hall
118 Library Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4401

Network Communications Services

Network Communications Services


The Oakland University Network will be capable of providing any service requiring network connectivity, anytime, anywhere, in a reliable and secure manner.  Network management and operations will be cost effective and predictable.

The Network Communications Services (NCS) team is responsible for:

  • Wiring and cable plant design and engineering
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Internet and Internet2 connectivity
  • Wireless initiatives
  • Router, switch, and firewall engineering and operation
  • Network services including domain name services, Internet Protocol addressing, and network time
  • Standards for network attached devices on campus
  • Bandwidth management
  • Network utilization analysis
  • Network access support and security
  • Network security

About Operations

Operations supports university campus data center facilities.

Services Provided

  • Administrative application processing
  • Facilities support and management
  • Host center for departmental servers
  • Maintaining multiple data centers
  • Physical security and integrity

The Team

  • Dennis Waters — Director of Network Communications
  • Iman Zeiaee
  • Peter Garcia
  • Logan Vargo
  • Jordan Johnson
  • Bradley Zimmerman
  • Jamira Hollis

Student Employees

  • Nathan Miramonti
  • Justin Ridgell
  • Safwaan Ahmed
  • Nathaniel Wolyniec
  • Bryan Debruyne
  • Neil Ferman