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Data Administration


The Data Administration team is responsible for:

Enterprise Systems and Applications

We install and apply updates to enterprise systems and application software to support technical currency, security, and compliance with applicable standards and regulations.  We coordinate such installations and updates to ensure that all these systems and applications work together correctly and efficiently.  We provide technical assistance to faculty, staff, and students who use these systems and applications.


We support data stewards with creation and management of security classes and roles for enterprise applications.  We verify that access requests have been properly approved and that they comply with all university access policies and applicable regulations.  We grant access to systems and applications based on these requests.  We terminate access to systems and applications to comply with university access policies.  We regularly audit our security assignments and provide information on computer access to external auditors as required.


We review external applications which interface with the enterprise database to ensure that they adhere to applicable vendor standards and industry best practices.  We assist staff with the development of such applications as needed.  When the quality of enterprise data is compromised due to software defects or user error, we work with the applicable software vendor to analyze and correct the data.


We work with software vendors and the other UTS teams to ensure that systems and applications are tuned to perform efficiently.  We monitor enterprise systems performance, providing and executing recommendations for improvements, and taking emergency measures as needed to ensure performance of critical business processes.  We assist staff with the development of software that performs efficiently and correctly.


We create regular, consistent backups of enterprise data.  We create standby and redundant systems to ensure high availability of systems.  In the event of a disaster, we work with software vendors and the other UTS teams to minimize downtime and data loss by switching to standby or redundant systems and recovering enterprise data as needed.

The team

  • Anthony Becker — Database Administrator, Director
  • Louis Kondek
  • Micheline Walter