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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Project Upward Bound’s Administrative Team consists of four full-time members and two part time members – all of whom wear a number of hats as described below. Each of them can be reached using the contact information below the menu bar to the left. Together, they form a dynamic team that keeps PUB among the best Upward Bound Programs in the nation!

Other Staff

PUB employs dozens of OU students throughout the academic year as tutors and office assistants, especially students who have college work-study funds. PUB is a longtime employer of OU’s international students and teacher education students particularly as tutors. PUB also employs OU students through the University’s Summer Student Campus Corp retention initiative to complete one-time unique projects.

Summer presents other student employment opportunities for PUB alumni and undergraduates from OU and other Universities to become residential peer mentors or tutor/teacher assistants. Graduate students may apply for the head resident position. The descriptions and timelines for all of PUB’s seasonal opportunities are posted at PUB’s Jobs site.

Administrative Team

The full-time administrative team of the Project Upward Bound College Prep Academy consists of the Project Director, Academic Coordinator, Project Advisor, S.T.A.R. Coordinator, and Administrative Secretary. Each of them wears a number of hats:

Geraldine E. Graham - Project Director
The Project Director’s “hats” include business manager, compliance officer, high school principal, personnel and training manager, public relations and general manager and program manager. The Project Director is also the PUB Parent Association coordinator.
Ava McDowell - Academic Coordinator
The Academic Coordinator is PUB's assessment and curriculum specialist, teacher and tutor coordinator, and academic programming and resources coordinator.
Photo Not AvailableProject Adviser - Position Available
The Project Advisor is the PUB admission officer, advisor, retention coordinator, and the social/cultural/career programming coordinator.
Jackie Sauseda - Administrative Secretary
The Administrative Secretary is the office manager, scheduler, receptionist, payroll clerk, database manager, graphic designer…and the list goes on and on. 
Hans WittrockHans Wittrock - Project Assistant
Sulayman BadijieSulayman Badjie, College Success Coach
Study Skills and Tutoring are offered at each target school site for 2 hours once weekly during the Academic Year. The College Success Coach transports tutors (OU students) Monday through Thursday from OU to each target school site, conducts the study skills workshops, and supervises both tutors and Project participants during College Club.