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GGR program at the APS meeting in St. Louis

David Garfinkle, Oakland University
We have an exciting GGR related program at the upcoming APS April meeting in St. Louis.
At the APS April meeting there will be several invited sessions of talks sponsored by the Topical Group in Gravitation (GGR). In addition, there will be plenary talks on gravitational topics, and several of the invited sessions sponsored by other APS units are likely to be of interest to GGR members. The invited sessions sponsored by GGR are as follows:

Plenary Session

Monday, April 14, 8:30
Mark Kramer: The Double Pulsar: a Unique Gravity Laboratory

GGR Invited Sessions

Saturday, April 12, 10:45
The Quantum Nature of Gravitational Singularities
Session Chair: Lior Burko
Beverly Berger: The nature of classical singularities
Abhay Ashtekar: Singularity resolution in loop quantum gravity
Gary Horowitz: Singularity resolution in string theory

Sunday, April 13, 8:30
Laboratory and Space tests of Gravitation
Session Chair: Eric Adelberger
Slava Turyshev: Pioneer Anomaly: Status of New Investigations
Jens Gundlach: Precision Test of the Equivalence Principle
Tom Murphy: Apollo: lunar laser ranging tests of gravity

Sunday, April 13, 13:30
Ground-based gravitational wave searches
Session Chair: Stan Whitcomb
Erik Katsavounidis: Searches for bursts of gravitational waves in LIGO, Virgo and GEO data
Duncan Brown: Gravitational waves from the inspiral of binary neutron stars and black holes
Sam Waldman: Extending our reach: plans for improved detectors in the next decade

Sunday, April 13, 15:30
The Broad Spectrum of Gravitation (joint with COM)
Session Chair: Pablo Laguna
Jorge Pullin: Recent Developments in Loop Quantum Gravity
Gabriela Gonzalez: The Bright Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Manuel Tiglio: Numerical Relativity

Monday, April 14, 15:30
Astrophysics of black hole mergers (joint with DAP)
Session Chair: John Friedman
Scott Hughes: Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Mergers
Frans Pretorius: Numerical Relativity and Black hole mergers
Cole Miller: The Astrophysical Context of Black Hole Mergers

Tuesday, April 15, 10:45
Computational Challenges in Astrophysics, Cosmology & Gravitation (joint with DAP)
Session Chair: Pablo Laguna
Luis Lehner: Neutron Stars in Binaries: Status and a Bright Future
Deirdre Shoemaker: Computing Gravity's Strongest Grip
Bronson Messer: Computational Astrophysics at the Petascale: Toward Predictive Computational Science

Tuesday, April 15, 13:30
Numerical Relativity meets the Post Newtonian Approximation
Session Chair: Cliff Will
Emanuele Berti: Post-Newtonian diagnostics for initial data
Larry Kidder: Matching of PN waveforms with long-time numerical evolutions
Yi Pan: Developing templates from PN/Numerical waveforms

Sessions sponsored by other APS units that may be of interest to GGR members include the following:

Plenary Sessions

Saturday, April 12, 8:30
Roger Blandford: Recent Developments in Plasma Astrophysics

Monday, April 14, 8:30
Michael Peskin: Dark Matter in the Cosmos and in the Laboratory

Invited Sessions

Monday, April 14, 13:30
Numerical Relativistic Astrophysics
Session Chair: Scott Hughes
Christian Ott: Core-collapse Supernova Mechanisms and their Signature in Gravitational Waves
Alessandra Buonanno: Interplaying Analytical and Numerical Relativity in Modeling Binary Black Hole Coalescences
Fred Rasio: Hydrodynamic Calculations of Compact Binary Mergers

Monday, April 14, 15:30
Dark Energy
Session Chair: Michael Turner
Peter Garnavich: Supernovae as Probes of Dark Energy
Bhuvnesh Jain: Cosmological Tests of Modified Gravity vs. Dark Energy
Robert Nichol: Large Scale Structure and Dark Energy

Tuesday, April 15, 13:30
Short Gamma-Ray Bursts
Session Chair: Neil Gehrels
Scott Barthelmy: Observation of Prompt Emissions
Derek Fox: Observations of Afterglows and Hosts
Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz: Triggering Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

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David Garfinkle 2008-02-27