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  • August 9th
  • Lauren Bennett
  • Week 9 Training

Longer distances motivate Lauren's Brooksie Way group

We met up with Lauren's group for their 9th week of training at Rochester Adams High School where they started their 6-mile run. "The group is doing really well. Some challenges that they might be facing would be the distance. They've never really run these far distances before, but once they get over it they are excited and they feel like they can do more and more," Lauren said of her group. We'll check in with them again as get closer to the Brooksie Way on September 29.

"I love seeing all the people come together to run. A lot of these people are first-timers so it's really exciting for them to hit their personal goals or personal bests. It's a great atmosphere."

  • June 18th
  • Lauren Bennett
  • Brooksie Way Kickoff

Lauren hopes to inspire others

Lauren plans to be a source of positive energy for her team in training. It's her first year as a Brooksie Way session leader and her enthusiasm was evident when we talked to her on team assignment night.

I participate in the Brooksie Way because it's such a great program. Everybody's always happy and outgoing, and everybody's positive about it. For the runners that are new that's really important to keep them going."