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  • July 26th
  • Kathy Barrett
  • Week 6 Training

Kathy's energetic group tackles a 6-mile run

We met up with Kathy in her office in Varner and talked about what keeps her motivated and active. Later that day we met her group at Rochester High School and followed them during their week 6 run through Rochester Hills. They started at the high school then ran down Walton, Brewster, Tienken, the Paint Creek Trail and back to the school for a total of 6 miles.

"Oakland University is a great resource for moving. You can walk all around the inner ring here in less than an hour and you can get some exercise in. There's lots of trails out here. I just wish people would get out and move more."

  • June 18th
  • Kathy Barrett
  • Brooksie Way Kickoff

Kathy leads runners to the finish line

Kathy's passion for running makes her a perfect Brooksie Way training group leader. For 16 weeks, she will prepare participants to run the half marathon (13.1 miles). We caught up with her on team assignment night when she took that first run with her new charges.

"It's fun being a group leader because a lot of the people in the group have never run a half marathon before. It's good to see them accomplish something they've never done before and they're so proud at the end."