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  • July 10th
  • Eli Nasr
  • Training at the rec center

OU facility helps Eli achieve workout goals

Eli amps up his overall workout with regular weight-training sessions at the OU Rec Center. The center's hours of operation and its equipment help Eli squeeze in important strength training into his busy schedule.

"Working out at the OU rec center will help me in the Brooksie Way because I can get a quick workout in after class if I can't in the morning or after school."
  • June 18th
  • Eli Nasr
  • Running on campus

Eli's campus time combines classes and working out

Eli mixes up his running routine. He enjoys breaking a sweat on OU's campus, making strides on certain scenic routes. We followed him on our golf cart to find out more about how and why he keeps running strong.

"I like running on Oakland's campus because there's a variety of different running selections. You can run on campus or you can run a little bit off campus and go on Adams or Squirrel Road."