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SkillSoft Online Training

Building and sustaining a high-performance culture within Oakland University requires an investment in the personal and professional development of its workforce. University Human Resources is committed to providing quality personal and professional development opportunities to support faculty, staff and administrators in their pursuit of career growth and professional excellence. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the numerous and varied learning opportunities that are available, including online learning.

SkillSoft provides a vehicle to build skills and knowledge, and enhance strengths gained from experience or education. Faculty, staff and administrators have access to a library of approximately 1500 courses, which can be taken via the Internet from any computer, at any location with Internet access, any time of day or night. There are three primary curricula for selection:
  • Business Skills Curriculum include topics such as management and leadership, written and verbal communication skills for personal and professional effectiveness, and customer service skills;
  • Desktop Curriculum offers courses on Microsoft Office applications, internet browsers, and Adobe programs;
  • IT professionals can select from Oracle database courses and project management skills. SkillSoft courses are easy to navigate and the learner is actively engaged through audio, case studies, animation and the ability to print handouts for reference. Pre- and post-tests provide an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency.
A bookmarking feature allows learners to move in and out of courses based on the learner's schedule and needs. One section of material can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Learners can refresh or update themselves on various sub-topics within a course or select entire courses to enhance proficiency. To make the best use of time, learners may "test out" of topics within a course in which they can demonstrate proficiency by taking a pre-test. The course content automatically adjusts to cover only the information the learner needs.

Learners can print certificates of completion on courses in which they have earned an 80 or higher.

All Oakland University faculty and staff are eligible for this training tool. 

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