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Employee Recognition

Outstanding AP
of the Year
To recognize the contributions of the Administrative Professional (AP) community, the AP Assembly established an annual Outstanding Administrative Professional Award in 1984. This award is given to an AP who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in his or her professional role. Oakland University provides a $1,500 stipend that accompanies this award.

2017 Outstanding AP Nomination form

2018 Outstanding AP of the Year: Krista Malley
Oakland University’s Outstanding Administrative Professional of the Year Award maintains a relatively succinct expectation of potential honorees – simply that they demonstrate outstanding achievement in their professional role.

As Director for Student Success Krista Malley has always been focused on OU students and their success, but this year it is her success that is being celebrated on campus as recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Administrative Professional Award. Throughout her time at OU, Malley has been selected for numerous awards and honors. Most recently, she was the alumni commencement speaker for the graduate ceremony in 2016, employee of the month for September 2016, named Inspiring Faculty award in 2015, the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Outstanding New Adviser in 2015, adviser of the month in May 2014, Michigan Academic Advising Association Best in Show award winner in 2014, academic adviser of the month in February and May 2013 and recognized by The Global Community for Academic Advising for her work in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Malley was formally honored as this year’s award winner at the Exemplary Employee Award Recognition and Celebration on Thursday, April 19 in the David E. Herman Room of the University Recreation Center.

Past Recipients
Rosalind Andreas, 1984
Patrick Nicosia, 1985
Joan Stinson, 1986
Elaine Chapman Moore, 1987
Clair McVety, 1988
Jean Ann Miller, 1989
Arthur Griggs, 1990
Thomas Kirchner, 1991
Elizabeth Millwood, 1992
Ron Kevern, 1993
Virginia Allen, 1994
David Herman, 1995
Lynn Hockenberger, 1996
Katie Kazarian, 1997
Felecia Bumpus, 1998
Glenn McIntosh, 1999
Dawn Aubry, 2000
Vicki Larabell, 2001
Leonard Brown, 2002
Gerald Compton, 2003
Sheryl Klemanski, 2004
George Preisinger, 2005
Melvin Gilroy, 2006 
Tricia Westergaard, 2007
Mila Padgett, 2008
Jennifer Gilroy, 2009
Samuel Lucido, 2010
Steve Shablin, 2011
Eleanor Reynolds, 2012
Peggy Cooke, 2013
Greg Jordan, 2014
Angie Schmucker, 2015
Nancy Schmitz, 2016
Laura Schartman, 2017
In recognition of the many outstanding accomplishments of Oakland University’s AP employees, the University is pleased to open nominations for the AP award program for calendar year 2017. The award this year is $1,000.

The deadline for submitting nominations was Monday, March 19, 2018. This year's AP Award recipients will be announced in late March. AP Awards will be distributed in April 2018 paychecks. 

Supervisors, peers or coworkers may nominate colleagues, or employees may self-nominate using the AP Award Nomination Form. The nomination form should state the basis for the nomination, focusing on the employee contributions above and beyond his or her job responsibilities. Contributions should be explained within the context of AP award meritorious performance criteria.

The AP Award honors exemplary service and exceptional contributions made by individual AP employees. Nominations for this award are separate from the Outstanding Administrative Professional Award.

Nominations may include additional comments from the Nominee’s supervisor. To be eligible for the awards, AP employees must have been hired before January 3, 2017. Employees who received "Needs Improvement" ratings on their last performance appraisals will not be eligible to receive this award.
There are no restrictions placed on the frequency an employee can receive an award. However, consideration will be made to ensure that all employees are given the chance to be recognized for their initiative to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities. Also, an eligible AP employee who has been nominated more than once will be eligible for only one award.

Employees with questions regarding this award program should contact Monica Haines at ext. 4951 or
This award is established in honor of Sharon Wilhelm, who served the University in various support and administrative roles for 45 years.

Mrs. Wilhelm began her career in 1962 when the University was still an extension of Michigan State University and its enrollment was less that 1,000 students. When she died in October of 2007, enrollment was more than 18,000 students.
Throughout the years, Mrs. Wilhelm’s devotion to outstanding service grew proportionately with the University’s enrollment.

Mrs. Wilhelm is remembered and celebrated for her extraordinary work ethic and supportive can-do attitude, which assisted faculty, staff and administrators in serving their most important constituency – University students.
The award will recognize eligible employees who provide high-level, administrative support and mirror Mrs. Wilhelm’s exemplary work standards.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost provides a stipend that accompanies this award. All members of the Oakland University community are invited to submit nominations.

Selection Criteria
To reward a full or part-time Oakland University clerical employee who:
  1. consistently demonstrates exemplary service to the University community;
  2. builds positive working relationships with supervisors, peers and students;
  3. serves the needs of the University with a positive attitude and work ethic;
  4. displays dedication by going above and beyond by participating in University activities outside of work responsibilities;
  5. exhibits sustained and proven methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; and exceptional performance in a project or task that results in a savings of money or time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or employee morale.

All OUPSA and excluded clerical staff with at least five years of service.

Nomination forms are available to download here or using the button below. All nominations must be submitted to Tracey Zang in University Human Resources, 429 Wilson Hall or, by Tuesday, March 12, 2017.
Employee of
the Month

Do you know an employee who:
  • Shines by Their Attitude: Has a positive attitude and performance in serving the needs of the university staff from other department, students, visitors, faculty, etc.
  • Reaches Higher: Dedication and work ethic that is above and beyond that required.
  • Performs Exceptionally: Proven and demonstrated methods of improving the efficiency of the work place; exceptional performance in a project or task, which results in a savings of money/time, or increases revenues, productivity and/or morale.
  • Promotes Teamwork: Builds positive working relationships with individuals and with teams on cross-functional projects.
  • Rallies in Support of OU: Aligns their work in support of Institutional Priorities.
If so, please fill out the form below!

Nomination Form

November 2018 Employee of the Month

Cheryl Rhodey

Site Manager, Macomb University Center
Macomb County Outreach
Length of Service: 11 years, 5 months
Employee of the month for November 2018

Cheryl has the most positive attitude. She is always smiling and welcoming. As a result, she builds amazing relationships with faculty, students and staff both on campus and off.

Over the last several months Cheryl has taken on additional responsibilities to support the new accelerated degree completion programs that will launch at the Anton/Frankel Center this Fall. In this role she has collaborated with academic advisers to develop strategies to better support students interested in these new programs. She has fostered ongoing collaboration among advisers that maintain hours in Macomb County, as well as encouraging stronger connections with the community college. She has been able to accomplish all of this while still exceeding at the expectations of her job as MUC Site Manager.

Cheryl goes above and beyond on a daily basis to serve OU students in support of OU's mission in Macomb County. She is very deserving of this recognition.

Congratulations to Cheryl on her selection as the November 2018 Employee of the Month!

October 2018 Employee of the Month

Shanna Dawsonheadshot of Shanna Dawson

Office Assistant II
Alumni Engagement
Length of Service: 13 years
Employee of the month for October 2018

Shanna is as dedicated as they come! Whether she is diligently pouring over budget spreadsheets or warmly greeting alumni and friends at events, she is quick to lend assistance when needed – oftentimes going above and beyond what’s been asked.

Shanna’s customer service acumen is second to none. She has an exceptional working knowledge of OU, which I know is put to good use on the many phone calls and emails she receives every day. In fact, in a given year, Shanna handles or assists with over 2,000 alumni questions, comments or other communications. This is an incredibly significant engagement opportunity, which Shanna manages with great care.

Shanna has become our staff Budget Master, our IT fix-it-person and the woman that you ask when you have no idea how to find an item or how to get a task done. Shanna has also taken budget management to a new level within our office. She has always been very detail-oriented and “good with numbers”, two traits that help immensely with budget tracking, but she recently showcased some special detective skills as well, having discovered an erroneous charge to our account that was nearly six times what the actual charge should have been! She saved us thousands of dollars!

Shanna rarely takes time off and we practically have to pull her away from her desk to make her leave. When she does take time off though, our team panics because it's so hard to cover everything that Shanna does when she is gone!

Shanna is extremely hardworking, dedicated to her tasks and very personable to all OU Alumni, donors and staff. She is often the first point of contact for anyone calling into the Alumni Office and handles it all so gracefully. She is hard-working, proactive, highly efficient and extraordinarily positive. She is a phenomenal asset to our team and is the glue that holds us all together. Shanna is a one-woman powerhouse who makes it look easy, always smiles and is truly a necessity to OU. I cannot imagine our staff, workload or campus events without Shanna's smile, support and professionalism.

Congratulations to Shanna on her selection as the October 2018 Employee of the Month!

September 2018 Employee of the Month

Ted Prisbeheadshot of Ted Prisbe

HVAC Maintenance Foreman
Plant Maintenance
Length of Service: 29 years, 10 months
Employee of the month for September 2018

Ted oversees the entire HVAC department within Plant Maintenance and supervises 12 OUCMT employees. Ted is self-driven and very effective in his role as HVAC General Foreman. Ted has a great sense of humor, dedicated to his work, is fiscally responsible, dependable and maintains an excellent attendance record. He leads by example and has an excellent rapport with his direct reports.

Ted embraces the team effort approach. The position of Construction Foreman was created in late 2016 to provide in-house construction remodeling using our current skilled trades employees from each of the trades groups in Plant Maintenance.

To ensure success for this newly created position, Ted made sure all questions or problems were addressed. This was in addition to handling all of his daily duties. His individual efforts played a crucial role in the teams accomplishments. Without successful implementation of the team concept, and the willingness to help from each of the Foremen at Plant Maintenance and their employees, none of our achievements would have been possible.

Congratulations to Ted on his selection as the September 2018 Employee of the Month!

August 2018 Employee of the Month

Taurienne Lauderdale

Secretary IIheadshot of Taurienne Lauderdale
School of Health Sciences
Length of Service: 2 years
Employee of the month for August 2018

Taurienne Lauderdale is appreciated for her hard work and dedication in her position with the School of Health Sciences!

Taurienne is the first face that the students see when they come into the office. She remembers everyone’s names and makes the students feel welcomed and tries her best to answer all of their questions. Students come in asking for her if she is not at her desk, just because they want to say hello. She plays a key role in helping make our office a welcoming and safe place for students to seek support and assistance.

The office staff and student support team are always saying how much they appreciate the work that she does. Everyone depends on her to help where needed. She always volunteers to help and never has to be asked. Taurienne is an irreplaceable member of our team. We appreciate her hard work and service to Oakland University and the School of Health Sciences.

Congratulations to Taurienne on her selection as the August 2018 Employee of the Month!

July 2018 Employee of the Month

Miguel Ramos

Custodian Iheadshot of Miguel Ramos
Facilities Management
Length of Service: 1 year 9 months
Employee of the month for July 2018

The faculty and staff of Biological Sciences are all greatly appreciative of Miguel's custodial work on the 3rd floor of Dodge Hall. He keeps our department immaculately clean and pays great attention to detail. He’s very proactive in his work and takes care of things as soon as he sees them, every day. Miguel takes great pride in the space that he is responsible for. The floors and halls look better than ever! Miguel is also very personable and enjoyable to have around.

In addition, Miguel always behaves with diligence, dignity, and grace. This positive attitude results in work that is reliable and impeccable, and he always performs his job with a smile and a kind word. He is keen to ensure that building needs are met and that he is doing everything that can be done to elevate the institution. He integrates teamwork into this approach so that work spaces are clean and safe, regardless of the season, illnesses among co-workers, time-of-day, or insufficient institutional custodial staff.

Congratulations to Miguel on his selection as the July 2018 Employee of the Month!

June 2018 Employee of the Month

Charlene Waldorf

headshot of Charlene WaldorfRisk Management Analyst
Risk Management
Length of Service: 14 years 4 months
Employee of the month for June 2018

It’s midnight and a frozen pipe has caused significant flooding in a critical building on campus. Who ya gonna call…. Charlene! The University’s Risk Analyst.

Over the past months, Charlene has had to juggle insurance claims for two flooding incidents at the Oakland Center and one at the Sharf Clubhouse. She has done so with impeccable proficiency. Charlene is reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat. Her ability to calm angry or frustrated individuals is unparalleled and it is because of her excellence in this area that she is repeatedly asked to process large and oftentimes complicated insurance claims. Her attention to detail and accuracy in maintaining numerous spreadsheets has served the University well. She has successfully collected in excess of $445,000 from various insurance providers to offset payments for significant claims.

Charlene multitasks effectively and is able to handle a high volume workload under great stress. Of particular value is Charlene’s team player mind set: enthusiastic embrace for change, ability to work with minimal supervision, and unwavering commitment to resolve issues. I regularly receive unsolicited praise commending Charlene’s outstanding level of service, professionalism, and follow through.

Charlene demonstrates highly effective organizational skills and she is diligent and quickly learned “Insurance 101” that was unfamiliar to her when she first started in the Office of Risk Management. Without provocation, she has attended a variety of professional development seminars to enhance her insurance knowledge. She is a hard working top performing insurance professional. Her tenacity inspires even the most seasoned insurance employee to heed her recommendations.

Charlene’s enthusiasm, communication skills, and professional demeanor are nothing short of amazing. She consistently demonstrates these qualities and more.

Congratulations to Charlene on her selection as the June 2018 Employee of the Month!

May 2018 Employee of the Month

Kathleen Zeile

headshot of Kathleen ZeileExecutive Secretary
Dean of Students
Length of Service: 5 years 9 months
Employee of the month for May 2018

Kathleen displays a great attitude! This office receives very challenging phone calls and situations. Through everything, Kathleen keeps a positive attitude and makes sure that the challenging circumstances are not elevated by her response.

Kathleen constantly reaches higher by never settling. When Kathleen sees a process that she believes can be improved, she brings it up and asks to discuss it with everyone. Solutions often involve a great deal of work from Kathleen. However, this does not deter her from reaching higher. She does whatever is needed.

On numerous occasions, Kathleen has been able to discover issues with office processes. A specific example of this is how Kathleen has vastly improved the Wilson and Human Relations Awards process. She created an online nomination, application, and reference process that save an incredible amount of time and resources. Even more importantly, the process is easier for our customers.

Finally, Kathleen does all of these things while promoting teamwork. On almost every occasion, Kathleen’s projects also involve more than one other office. Kathleen works tirelessly to bring everyone together for the greater good and to achieve a common goal. On top of all her hard work, she is a joy to be around.

Congratulations to Kathleen on her selection as the May 2018 Employee of the Month!

April 2018 Employee of the Month

Judette Haddad

headshot of Judette HaddadIRB Research Compliance Coordinator
Grants & Contracts
Length of Service: 20 years 10 months
Employee of the month for April 2018

Dr. Haddad embodies OU spirit. She is kind and is sincerely dedicated to her job. She is one of the foundational individuals that aids the university in meeting its goals.

In just a few months, under Judette’s leadership, the IRB review process has been transformed from being long, complicated and rigid to being reasonable, efficient and flexible. For the vast majority of protocols, the time to approval has gone from weeks or months to days, and in specific cases, it is now possible to obtain approval as the result of a single one hour meeting. Since Judette implemented these changes, there has not been a single complaint about our processes, and, indeed, many emails and comments that praise the new process. One person indicated she stopped by her office (unannounced) with questions about her IRB protocols, and each time was welcomed. In addition to impromptu meetings, she always follows up with emails and phone calls.

Judette’s hard work, determination, and dedication to OU’s students and faculty has resulted in a wholly new system that supports student success and promotes the research enterprise. And perhaps most remarkably, throughout this IRB transformation process, Judette has maintained her excellent interpersonal relationships with faculty, students, and IRB members and staff by continuing to provide them with support, education and clear communication.

Congratulations to Judette on her selection as the April 2018 Employee of the Month!

March 2018 Employee of the Month

Michael McClainheadshot of Michael McClain

Custodian III/Facilities
Campus Cleaning
Length of Service: 7 years
Employee of the month for March 2018

Michael does an awesome job in North Foundation Hall. Not only does he do an awesome job cleaning, but he is very professional, friendly and he always goes above and beyond to help with any request. Wherever and whenever you see Michael, he is always smiling, he will wave to you, and he is always busy completing his tasks. If you ask him a question or need anything he will drop what he is doing to assist you with no questions asked. He is very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations to Michael on his selection as the March 2018 Employee of the Month!

February 2018 Employee of the Month

Demetrius MurchisonDemetrius Murchison

Accounting Clerk III
Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development
Length of Service: 3 years
Employee of the month for February 2018

Demetrius’ workload can be absolutely overwhelming during the academic year because of the number of financial transactions he does on a daily basis for 300 student organizations and the Center for Student Activities. He is responsible for over 650 general fund and agency accounts. He accomplishes this with such a positive attitude and he never complains. He is always upbeat, optimistic, patient, and professional working with OU students, staff, and vendors. There is a genuine willingness to help – above and beyond every day expectations. He has productively grasped the policies and procedures of Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Purchasing, works cooperatively and collaboratively with OU staff, as well as with business vendors and OU students, submits paperwork in a thorough and timely fashion, and is extremely resourceful in finding solutions to financial problems and concerns.

Due to a CT vacancy in the office, Demetrius has graciously taken on the responsibility of student payroll (for around 100 student employees), which is another time-consuming responsibility every Monday morning. The quality, quantity, timeliness, and accuracy of his work is always notable and so appreciated.

Congratulations to Demetrius on his selection as the February 2018 Employee of the Month

January 2018 Employee of the Month

Penny StilwellPenny Stilwell headshot

IT Project Manager
Academic Affairs
Length of Service: 11 years
Employee of the month for January 2018

Penny is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a continually positive attitude, bringing new ideas and advanced solutions to many problems.

Penny stands out as someone who is continually pushing beyond her own responsibilities in her role, promoting growth and teamwork among her peers and those who report to her. She has a unique ability to focus in on a problem and provide great service to her internal clients, helping those in the Provost Office and around to provide better, faster, more accurate service to our students.

Penny brings an exceptional amount of technical knowledge to solve functional problems, and is always a team player. She provides encouragement, is a mentor, and someone to look up to as a peer.

Congratulations to Penny on her selection as the January 2018 Employee of the Month!

Employee of the Month Archive


2017 Employees of the Month

December - Sarah Wood
November - Christine Talbert
October - Jenny Cloutier
September - Kelly Smith
August - Mark Mathiak
July - Christina Radowick
June - Brian December
May - Melissa Mondro
April - Kendra Agee
March - Allison Radell
February - Tracey Kosaski
January - Nick Flores

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October - Amanda Fylan
September - Krista Malley
August - Stephanie Willis
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May - Christine Earl
April - David Ollie Ray
March - Rosezine Payne
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January - James Silvestri

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December - Roz Winchester-McCray
November - Maureen Greco
October - Heather Haughey
September - Marie Vanbuskirk
August - Anthony Smith
July - Kim Crawford
June - Loretta Presti
May - Brittani Hobbs
April - Susan Phelps
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October - Emily Stepanian-Bennett
September - Carolyn Moss Hogan
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July - Robert Perreault
June - Grace Wojcik
May - Renee Dembeck
April - Sarah Erskine
March - Amy Tuckfield
February - Joshua Stotts
January - Angelita Ramos

2013 Employees of the Month

December – Shannon Stribling
November – Siraj Khan
October – Beth Deverna
September – Wendy Allen
August – Anthony Gallina
July – Mary Zook
June – Janet Chandler
May – Jenifer Watson
April – Renee Jacques
March – Dawn Deitsch
February – James Zentmeyer
January – Joan Wancour

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December – Beth Ann Sutton
November – Juan Cantu
October – Sara Webb
September – Robert Hanson
August - Nicole Lucio
July – Mark Johnson
June – Michelle Serafino
May – Karen Pipitone
April – Xander Buckingham
March – Irene Fox
February – Corey Brittingham
January – Carmen Archer

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November – Don Ritenburgh
October – Marcee Daly
September – Christina Riley
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July – Peggy Cooke
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March – Patti Bowman
February – Leo Debiaggi
January – Bridget Green

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December – Andrew Keyosky
November – Marsha Packer
October – Robert Vaughn
September – Lateacha Carr
August – Dan Kirkland
July – Monica Milczarski
June – Luke Fleer
May – Cora Hanson
April – Sandra Sala
March – Joan A. Love
February – Cynthia Ferrera
January – James Leidel

2009 Employees of the Month

December – Sheryl Hugger
November – Todd Welscott
October – John Coughlin
September – Joann Denby
August – Dennis Bolton
July – Elisabeth Putnam
June – Julie Dermidoff
May – Ronda Ferguson
April – Deanna Wohlfeil
March – Greg Jordan
February – Claire Cooper
January – Jocelyn Baldwin

2008 Employees of the Month

December – Kellie Klinck
November – Kathleen Lesich
October – Sue MacDonell
September – Nancy Schmitz
August – Scott Allison
July – Kevin McDougall
June – Peggy Chiu
May – Manjit Gill
April – Mariann Hodge
March – Paul Battle
February – Kim Schultz
January – Ann Marie Besaw


Oakland University (OU) established a Team Award Program (TAP) to recognize a team of faculty and/or staff members for significant contributions supporting the University’s strategic plan initiatives or strengthening and improving the University’s effectiveness as a community/institution.

The individual team awardees shall receive a Team Award plaque and formal recognition at the annual Exemplary Employee event.

How the Team Award Program Works

  • On or before May 1, the nominator shall submit an online nomination form.
  • Online forms are automatically submitted to the TAP Committee. The TAP Committee will review each nomination based on the Team Award Program criteria.
  • In May, the TAP Committee will notify the nominators of the TAP Committee’s decision.

Nominators will notify the team member of the Team Award. Names of award recipients shall be announced in June.

Submit a team for nomination

  • All faculty and employee groups are eligible to receive a Team Award. A team must have a minimum of three cross-functional, divisional and employee group members.  Standing committees and/or task forces are not eligible.

  • A Team Award shall be given for work or accomplishments that have significantly contributed to the University’s strategic plan initiatives or to its institutional strength and improvement. A Team Award shall be made for accomplishments during the one-year period preceding the May 1 deadline.

 Examples of accomplishments, work, or service that meet these criteria include: 

  • Successful completion of an action item related to the Strategic Plan or a significant contribution to the strategies and goals of the plan.
  • On-going engagement in efforts that have resulted in institutional strengthening and improvement measured against internal goals and/or external benchmarks.
  • Implementation of innovative leadership practices that have significantly strengthened an office, department, unit, or the University.
  • Implementation of financial planning and budget management processes or practices that demonstrate exceptional stewardship of University resources.
  • Effective and productive participation on special projects, institutional committees, or tasks forces that have advanced strategic initiatives or that have strengthened or improved the institution.
  • Team effort that results in substantial, measurable improvement to a required process, compliance regulation, business system, or direct service to students, employees, alumni, or other stakeholders.

Nomination Process
  • Nominator can be a team leader, a member of the team or a member of the OU community.
  • Nominator submits an online nominations for Team Award by May 1 deadline. Nominations are limited to a maximum of 500 words and should outline the team’s contribution to one or more strategic initiatives and/or to institutional strengthening or improvement.
  • Nominations for work, projects, or service that have clear end dates shall not be made until after the work or project has been completed. Nominations for on-going work that contributes to institutional excellence shall provide evidence of specific positive outcomes against institutional goals or external benchmarks.
  • The TAP Committee will review the nominations to determine the Team Award.
  • The Team Award will be announced to the campus community in June.

For questions please contact University Human Resources at (248) 370-3486.