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Executive Communications, President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz speaking at a podium

Executive Communications

University Communications and Marketing works with executive administrative offices to review and respond to requests for Trustee, President, Provost and other University leader participation in both University and external organization events.

If requested, University Communications and Marketing will also help prepare formal remarks, talking points and or presentations for University leaders who have agreed to participate in upcoming events.

To ensure efficient and effective management of executive engagement requests, a two-step request and review process has been established.

The applicant must sumbit an Executive Availability Inquiry Form. This may be submitted up to 1 year in advance of an event, and allows executive administrative offices to respond regading only the tentative availability or lack of availability of a University leader to attend the event.
If one or more University leaders are confirmed to be tentatively available to participate in an event, the applicant must complete an Executive Engagement Request Form no less than 40 business days prior to the event.
NOTE: Executive Engagement Request Forms will not be processed unless an accompanying Executive Availablility Inquiry Form has been submitted and responded to by the administrative offices involved in the request.

Only after the submission and review of a detailed Executive Engagement Request Form will a University leader formally accept or decline an invitation to participate in an event.