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Logo and Colors

Consistency is key to strengthening brand identity — particularly when it comes to logo usage and creation. See below for additional information on specific OU logos. Please let your account manager know if you have any questions or if you’d like to request a logo. In addition, feel free to review the OU brand guidelines.

General rules:

  1. Official Oakland University Colors are Pantone 872 Metallic Gold, Black and White.
  2. Official Oakland University fonts are ITC Garamond and Helvetica.
  3. Any text that says Oakland University, OU, or Golden Grizzlies must be followed by a “TM”.
  4. Marks cannot be cropped, skewed, or altered in any fashion.
  5. Any item produced using official Oakland University marks or verbiage must be submitted through the Learfield licensing portal.
  6. Several marks have specific rules to them. For specific rules, please click on mark below.
Licensing and Logos
Grizz Head
Full color mark using pantone 872 metallic gold, black and white.The Grizz head cannot be combined with other logos or elements and requires an area of isolation surrounding it equal to the width of the nose.  The Grizz cannot be cropped, skewed, rotated, or altered in any fashion and requires a TM.Custom full color mark for dark backgrounds.
One color mark.  Can be produced in white, gold, or black.Custom one color mark for dark backgrounds.One color mark shown in reverse.

Little Grizz
The Little Grizz can only be used on youth merchandise.  Full color dark background version.The Little Grizz can only be used on youth merchandise. Full color white background version.

The Little Grizz can only be used on youth merchandise. One color, dark background version.

The Little Grizz can only be used on youth merchandise. One color, white background version.

Interlocking OU
The interlocking OU can be reproduced using all pantone 872 gold, white, or black and requires a “tm” next to it. This is the only approved interlocking OU.

Spirit marks and club sports marks
The Stacked Grizz Head logo is typically used for departments, club sports, and colleges. It requires an area of isolation surrounding it equal to the size of the “O” in “Oakland”.

Primary University marks
The Stacked Sail Logo requires an area of isolation surrounding it equal to the size of the “O” in Oakland University.The Stacked Sail logo must be at least 1-inch-wide or 72 pixels for digital.The Stacked Sail logo in pantone 872 gold.The Stacked Sail logo in black.
The Stacked Sail logo in gold.The Stacked Sail logo in white.Primary University mark in black.Primary University mark in pantone 872 gold.
Primary University mark in white.

Secondary University logos
Secondary University mark must be followed by a “TM” and in official colors.

Unit specific marks
The Stacked sail logo in black coupled with department or college.

Division One Athletics
The Oakland “O” is reserved for division one athletics only.

OU seal
The Oakland University Seal can only be used on diplomas, official transcripts, formal documents of the OU Board and graduation keep sake items.

OUWB marks
Official OUWB logos can only be produced in these colors combinations using Pantone 872 gold, Pantone 661 cobalt blue, black, or white. These marks require a “R” next to them.
Student Organizations

Logo Creation and Usage

  • Student groups can design their own artwork, as long as it does not alter or mock the OU logo or aspects of our official marks in any way.
    • Examples include not creating different types of or looks to the stacked Oakland University mark, the official sail, or the official athletics mark, the bear.
    • Non-official marks such as paw prints or other distinguishing elements of a bear are acceptable as long as they are not incorporated into the OU official marks.
  • If the group is representing Oakland University in an official capacity (i.e., national competition, uniforms, etc.), groups CAN use official OU marks, but need to get approval from University Communications and Marketing.
  • Oakland University and Golden Grizzlies are trademarked words/names and require the TM mark.
  • Student organizations must clearly state their Registered Student Organization (RSO) status on merchandise. ie: club, student organization, student board, etc. - rather then representing themselves as an official OU department or unit.
For more information, email or call Jon-Paul Bakaric at or (248) 370-3206. 

Vendor Information
  • All orders must go through a licensed OU vendor
    • List of vendors can be found at
  • Any time that any type of product is discussed for a fundraiser or for resale - the royalties are a factor.
    • Be sure to check with the vendor to make sure they are eligible to produce goods for resale. Many vendors only hold a license for internal giveaways.
    • Products purchased for resale are not exempt from the royalty fee payment requirement even if they are sold at cost.
  • Staff or Faculty advisor should be involved and must first approve of the message or spirit of item. (Note: this does not guarantee UCM sign off, but it is important that your advisor is aware.)
For more information, email or call  Jon-Paul Bakaric  at  or (248) 370-3206. 

Social Media Tips
Student organizations are welcome to create and maintain social media accounts.
  • Profile photos must follow logo guidelines.
  • Account names or descriptions should include OU/Oakland University in some way.
  • Links to organization's social accounts should be provided in the Grizzorgs portal.
  • Be responsive to mentions and messages and post at least once per week.
  • Request cross-promotion with OU's main social media accounts by:
    • Tagging oaklandu accounts in social posts o Using #ThisIsOU
    • Emailing information to
  • Make sure an adviser or your successors have access to the accounts once you graduate. Don't make them rebuild the audience.
For more information, visit or call Colleen Campbell at (248) 370-2944.