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Timely Tips

Here are some Accounts Payable tips:
  • When paying individuals, determine if the payee is an employee or an independent contractor at the beginning of the business relationship, not at the end.  Contact the Tax Accountant in the Accounting Department if you have questions about this determination.  Anyone teaching a course at the university and being paid as an individual must be paid through Payroll.
  • Hand in reimbursement requests within 60 days of the completion of an event, project, travel, etc. Reimbursement requests submitted beyond the 60 day deadline will be reviewed by the Accounts Payable Manager to determine if the request is still allowable based on IRS regulations.  Meals and mileage will not be reimbursed beyond the 60 day deadline.
  • Be conservative when tipping for food service, food delivery and ground transportation. Requests for reimbursement of tips in excess of the guidelines below will be reduced.  Tipping guidelines:
    • 15-20% for restaurant service
    • 10% for delivery
    • No tipping for take out
    • A maximum of 20% per ride for ground transportation