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Student Program Board (SPB)
64 Oakland Center
2200 N. Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4401 (map)
(248) 370-4295


General Information

The Student Program Board strives to enhance student life by providing high quality and diverse programs, activities and events for the Oakland University Community.

CommitteesCommittees define the success or failure of each director on Student Program Board they have to plan the logistics of current programs and make sure that they run smoothly. Mainstage, Annual Events and Special Events are programming committees.

Support committees have task functions relating to programming of the other committees. Marketing is responsible for successfully publicizing the events of the Student Program Board so that all students will be aware of SPB's events on campus. Tech is also a support committee by providing lights, sound and stage set-up for all events that require such. Creative comes up with creative concepts, you can help design all SPB flyers and handbills! 

Main Stage    Annual Events  Special Events 
 Marketing  Tech   Creative

All of the SPB committees are essential in ensuring the highest level of entertainment for Oakland University students...that means YOU!!Structure and Operations Student Program Board is made up of seven committees. These committees include both programming and support committees (to be discussed shortly). In addition, there is the Chairperson of the Student Program Board who oversees the seven committees and an Associate Chair who is the right-hand man (or woman) to the Chairperson. The Chairperson is appointed by the President and Vice President of Student Congress. The Chair will then interview and appoint the seven committee chairs and Associate Chair that make up the Executive Board. So... Where do you come in? This is where YOU come in... SPB's success is directly tied to the many students who volunteer their time and effort to making great programming. Each of the six committees needs volunteers to aid in formulating new ideas and putting these ideas into action, however, we understand that not everyone who wants to help out (or be part of a great organization) can make it to every meeting and every event. Everyone is welcome to join and we only ask that you give us as much (or as little) time as you want!