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University Communications and Marketing

Anibal House
630 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-3184

University Communications and Marketing

Anibal House
630 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
(location map)
(248) 370-3184

Social Media Street Team

The Social Media Street Team is made up of current students, alumni, faulty, and staff who are passionate about Oakland University and social media. 

Street team members are running the conversation — using #ThisIsOU — about what it means to be a Golden Grizzly. In return, they are building their personal brand and making connections with others who share a passion for Oakland University.

Street team members are truly social. They volunteer to take social media tchotchkies and informational cards to events. They teach others about #ThisIsOU. They talk to strangers to dig up stories that should be shared on social. 

Sound like you? Email us at if you have an idea to share or 
join our email list to be among the first to know about social media initiatives (learn more in the tab below).

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  • Follow @oaklandu on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Take photos of campus and events, share them and send them to us
  • Add @oaklandu to your social media bios
  • Submit social story ideas to
  • Promote your OU student orgs
  • Share OU brag points
  • Respond to comments and answer questions from fellow Grizzlies
  • Take OU with you and share photos from vacations or your new home
  • Quote your professors and reconnect on social media

As an alum, there are plenty of ways to share your story with the OU community. And your influence is greater than you may think. Current students want to see how their college experiences can shape your life and career. Prospective students want to know what their options might be and who their connections are in the workplace. And your faculty and mentors value your input.

Use #ThisIsOU when:

  • life lessons remind you of a memorable lecture or experience
  • your diploma arrives or finds itself somewhere impressive
  • you're wearing your OU gear while traveling (also a good way to stumble across other alums in different parts of the world)
  • you do a #TBT of the college years
  • you're on campus or at an OU event
  • you see OU logos at local establishments (or anywhere)
  • you meet an OU student who absolutely impresses you (because they then to do that)
  • you come across a fellow alum and you bond over the Bear Lake vs. Beer Lake debate

You could also apply to take over the oaklandu Snapchat story and show a day-in-the-life. 

and Staff
  • Offer extra credit for students to get involved with the Street Team (sample/template instructions)
  • Showcase your expertise, research interests, and community involvement:
    • Media are interested in educated opinions or analysis regarding timely topics.
    • Colleagues from OU and other institutions can connect with you, share ideas in this public forum.
    • Students appreciate seeing faculty who are engaged in social media and staying up on current topics that relate to their areas of expertise.
    • Consider taking over the oaklandu Snapchat story for a day.
  • Stay connected with the students you mentor and have in class.
  • Network with other on-campus influencers.
  • Network with colleagues and industry professionals at conferences and events.
  • Incorporate social media into the curriculum, if it fits (consider a guest speaker from OU's Social Media staff).
  • Share OU news and school pride on your personal or departmental social accounts.

Join the Social Media Street Team email list to:

  • be among the first to know about OU social media contests and opportunities
  • be called upon for university marketing materials and commercials (be #OUFamous)
  • be a correspondent to the official OU accounts and grow your own social following when you contribute to OU's social media accounts (we always give photo credit)
  • have the inside scoop on all things social
  • network with alumni and other influencers through fun volunteer opportunities
  • build your personal brand and digital portfolio
  • earn limited edition OU swag

We promise not to spam you. 

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