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Criminal Justice

What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice, often considered together with criminology, is the study of criminal offending, victimization, and processing of offenders by the criminal justice system. Criminal Justice considers a broad range of topics that  include: identifying motivations and opportunities for criminal offending, predicting patterns of offending, examining patterns of offending and victimization across different groups in society, evaluating the effectiveness of various crime control policies, and examining the primary components of the the criminal and juvenile justice systems. The major is an interdisciplinary program offering students a thorough understanding of the criminal law, the social forces related to crime and delinquency, the evaluation of crime control policy, or the operation of courts, law enforcement agencies, and correctional institutions.

Criminal Justice at Oakland University
Welcome to the OU Criminal Justice Program! Our program offers both a major and a minor degree, and contributes to the Addiction Studies concentration program. Criminal Justice at OU is an interdisciplinary program grounded in the theoretical, methodological, and applied policy traditions of criminology & criminal justice, as well as those related disciplines that have contributed to its core knowledge (i.e., sociology, political science, public administration, law, philosophy, and psychology). The OU criminal justice major has three defining features: (1) a required interdisciplinary component, (2) a required internship, and (3) a required capstone course. All students – majors and minors alike – must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA in order to remain in good standing in the Criminal Justice program.

For more information, please check out our informational brochure and Criminal Justice Program Manual -- or use the buttons below to access additional information.