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What is anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humankind in all its aspects, through archaeological, biological, cultural, and linguistic research, and fosters the use of this knowledge in addressing human problems. The major prepares students for graduate work in anthropology and/or archaeology and for careers that utilize anthropological knowledge and training. In anthropology students are required to study research techniques and acquire skills in theoretical analysis. The major program is designed to allow flexibility for students to pursue their own intellectual interests.

Requirements for the liberal arts major in Anthropology (B.A.)

Students have a choice of three 24 credit major tracks: cultural anthropology (strongly recommended for students planning to go to graduate school in this field; archaeology (strongly recommended for students planning graduate work in archaeology) and general anthropology (recommended for students whose interest in anthropology is broadly educational).  See complete archaeology program information here. See complete list of anthropology courses here.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts with a major in anthropology, students must complete a minimum of 40 credits including the following:

1. Core:

AN 101 Human and Cultural Evolution
AN 102 Culture and Human Nature
AN 302 Anthropological Research Methods
AN 470 Anthropological Theory

2. Complete one of the following 24 credit tracks:

A. Cultural anthropology (24 credits):

1. One class from each of the following categories:

Bio-evolutionary anthropology: AN 333, 382, 391 or 410

Social anthropology: AN 200, 210, 271, 300, 305, 307, 310, 320, 322, 331, 337, 374, 375, 401 or 430

Archaeology: AN 222, 282, 370, 380, 385

Ethnology of world culture area: AN 361, 362, 363, 371 or 381

2. 8 credits in electives from any AN courses at the 200 level or above

B. Archaeology (24 credits):

1. AN 222

2. AN 383 (8 credits)

3. 12 elective credits from AN 282, 370, 380, 384, 385

C. General anthropology (24 credits):

1. Students may choose elective credits from any anthropology courses

Note: LIN 201 is strongly recommended for all AN majors, as is the study of at least two years of a foreign language. Students planning graduate school should also consider taking SOC 202 (Research Methods). No more than 8 credits counted toward the major may be taken in AN/SOC 190, 392, 399 or 480.