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Faculty & Staff Directory

Department Chair

Albert J. Meehan
Ph.D. Boston University, Sociology
Policing, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis

Anthropology Faculty

Jon Carroll
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Anthropology
Cultural transmission, social interaction and integration, GIS and computer modeling

Henri Gooren
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Utrecht University, Anthropology
Religion, Latin America

Dorothy Nelson
Professor & Vice Provost for Research
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Anthropology
Ethnic differences in skeletal health, bone mass and body composition in growth and development, osteoperosis

Suzanne Spencer-Wood
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Anthropology
Feminist theory in anthropology and archaeology, archaeological theory and method, historical archaeology, industrial archaeology and cultural resource management

Criminal Justice Faculty

Amanda Burgess-Proctor

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Criminal Justice
Criminological theory, feminist criminology, intimate partner violence, juvenile justice

Lori Burrington

Assistant Professor
J.D.,Ph.D. Ohio State University, Sociology
Contextual effects on adolescent and early adult crime, delinquency, and health-risk behaviors;race, ethnic, class, and gender disparities in problem and health-risk behaviors

Kimberly Byrd
Coordinator of Field Services & Student Support
MSW, Wayne State University

Social Work Faculty

Stephanie Brandimarte
Director of Field and Student Services
MSW, University of Michigan

Gerontology, end-of-life care

Erin Comartin

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Wayne State University, Social Work
Sex offender registries, sex offender registries, public policy

Dalton Connally

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington, Social Work
Human behavior, social work field experience

Maria DeVoogd-Beam

Program Director
MSW, Michigan State University
Program Evaluation, community and organizational development, grant writing, developmental delays

Heather El-Khoury
Coordinator of Field and Student Supports
Mount Clemens Campus Anton Frankel/Center
MSW, Wayne State University
At-risk youth, youth homelessness, crisis intervention

Angela Kaiser

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Wayne State University, Social Work
Organizational and community processes

Linda Morrison
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, Sociology
Mental health, social and human services, advocacy and social justice

Scott J. Smith
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Arizona State University, Social Work
Sexual health, health disparities, international social work

Sociology Faculty
Graham Cassano
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Brandeis University, Sociology
Urban sociology, theory, labor history, mass media, race, gender and class

Dennis Condron
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Ohio State University, Sociology
Sociology of education, statistics and research methods, social stratification

Linda Gjokaj
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Sociology
Immigration, immigrant families, ethnic and racial identities, gender

Raymond V. Liedka
Special Instructor
Ph.D. Cornell University, Sociology
Statistics, organizations, criminology, stratification, research methods

Heidi Lyons
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University, Sociology
Family, population, social demography, life course, sex and gender, quantitative methods

Terri L. Orbuch
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Sociology
Interpersonal relationships, race/gender, interrelationships between relationships, marital stability and quality, sexuality and sexual norms, account-making and narratives

Jo Reger
Ph.D. Ohio State University, Sociology
Social movements, gender, qualitative methods, organizations

Derek Roberts
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Sociology

Culture, self and society, social class, sociology of the body, urban sociology

George Sanders
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, Sociology
Sociology of religion, stratification, research methods, theory

Cynthia J. Schellenbach
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, Human Development
Family systems and the ecology of marriage and the family, community-based prevention and intervention, adulthood and aging, youth and adolescence

Emeriti Faculty

Peter Bertocci
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Anthropology

William E. Bezdek
Ph.D. University of Chicago, Psychology

Judith K. Brown
Ed.D. Harvard University, Human Development

James W. Dow
Ph.D. Brandeis University, Anthropology

David R. Maines
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Sociology
Curriculum Vitae

Jacqueline Scherer
Ph.D. Syracuse University, Sociology

Gary Shepherd
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Sociology
Curriculum Vitae

Richard B. Stamps
Ph.D. Michigan State University, Anthropology

Part Time Faculty
See list here


Sarah Erskine
Office Assistant II
Social Work

Office Assistant II
Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice