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Sociology Club

The goal of the Oakland University Sociology Club is to give the student body an active forum for presenting and discussing sociological topics of interest to both sociology majors and non-majors alike. At the same time the club hopes to enable club members the ability to build a camaraderie with like-minded students, network with key professors, participate in informative lectures and enjoy up-coming social events. To achieve this goal the student officers of the club hold monthly meetings, lecture forums, movie nights, social events including department pizza luncheons and the club’s “Soc-Social” in the fall; along with giving members the opportunity to acquire career/grad school information while adding a socially beneficial academic club to their college resume and list of accomplishments.

More information is available at the Sociology Club website
The Sociology Club welcomes all OU students from any major to join. For more information, please contact:

Sociology Club Faculty Advisors
Dr. George Sanders

Dr. Derek Roberts

Sociology Club Student President
Rachel Hargis