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The Wellness Health Promotion and Injury Prevention Program at Oakland University is accredited by the National Wellness Institute (NWI) Council on Wellness Accreditation and Education (CWAE), PO Box 827, Stevens Point, WI 54481, 715.342.2969, (

The primary goal of the WHP program is to prepare students for entry to graduate programs of study in fields such as exercise science, health education, human resources, injury prevention, psychology, nutrition, public health, and related professional and medical fields such as a second degree in nursing, physician assistant, medicine, or occupational safety and health. WHP graduates with a 2.75 GPA may automatically register as certified wellness practitioners (CWP) with the National Wellness Institute. Therefore, a parallel secondary function of the WHP program is to prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of allied health, commercial, industrial, government, hospital, community and non-profit organizations. Professional skills of graduates are utilized in health enhancement, disease prevention, injury prevention, health education/promotion, health and fitness, corporate and work-site wellness, as well as human resource practice and management.

In addition to a core curriculum, students choose one of eight focus areas:

1. Additional Major in Psychology (targeting psycho-social issues and human health behaviors).
2. General Health Enhancement (minor in psychology, plus possible additional minor).
3. Health Promotion Intervention Strategies, emphasizing legislation, managed care and human resources (options for different minors possible e.g. HRD minor in training and development).
4. Complementary Medicine, exploring different healing traditions (options for different minors possible).
5. Injury Prevention.
6. Exercise Science (minor in exercise science).
7. Pre-Health Professional focus (preparation toward careers in nursing, medicine, dentistry, occupational safety and health, plus others).
8. Nutrition and Health focus (minor in nutrition and health). 


Oakland University Wellness Health Promotion and Injury Prevention Program is partnered with the Beaumont Health System to provide internship opportunities for WHP students. The partnership provides valuable training opportunities in a recognized wellness company, highlighting successful initiatives in promoting physical and mental health in the workplace.