J. Lynne Williams, Ph.D.

Title: Chair, Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences
Professor, Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences
Office: 3161 Human Health Building
Phone: (248) 364-8689
FAX: (248) 364-8657
E-mail: jlwillia@oakland.edu
Dr. Williams is Program Director of the Biomedical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences Program (BDTS). She was the first full-time faculty member in Health Sciences, and has been instrumental in the growth of the program from a single Medical Technology specialization to the current six specializations within BDTS. Dr. Williams has taught courses in Hematology, Hemostasis, Immunohematology, Cell Pathology, and Professional Issues, and has twice been a finalist for the Oakland University Teaching Excellence award. She was the first recipient of the Faculty Recognition Award for Outstanding Faculty Member, School of Health Sciences.

Dr. Williams is active in the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), the Michigan Society of Clinical Laboratory Science (MSCLS), and the Michigan Association of Laboratory Science Educators, in which she has held numerous positions. She currently serves on the Continuing Education Advisory Committee for ASCLS, serves as Coordinator of the ASCLS Scientific Assemblies, and is on the ASCLS Patient Safety Committee. She is President-Elect of MSCLS, and Secretary of ASCLS Region IV Council. She received the Kendall Award for Professional Achievement in Hematology/Hemostasis from ASCLS in 2002, and the Donna Duberg Mentorship Award from MSCLS in 2006. In 2003 she was inducted into Alpha Mu Tau (honorary fraternity recognizing significant contributions to the profession of Clinical Laboratory Science). She currently serves on the board of directors of AMT.

Dr. Williams’ research interests have involved various aspects of regulation of hemostasis (studies of fibrinogen structure, and regulatory activities of Antithrombin) and hematopoiesis. Her most recent research was on hematopoietic stem cells, and megakaryocyte differentiation. She has numerous publications in journals including Blood, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Thrombosis Research, Molecular Biology of the Cell, and Clinical Laboratory Science. She also has numerous oral and poster presentations at meetings of the MSCLS, ASCLS, International Society of Hematology, American Society of Hematology, and International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. She is twice the recipient of the Joseph Kleiner Award for the outstanding scientific article in the Journal of Clinical Laboratory Science from the ASCLS Education and Research Fund. She is co-editor of the book, Clinical Laboratory Hematology, 2nd edition, and authored six of the chapters.

Dr. Lynne Williams received the 2016 American Society of Clinical Laboratory Sciences-Michigan Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing her service in advancing, promoting, and improving the Medical Laboratory Sciences profession.

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When not working, Dr. Williams enjoys skiing, gardening, reading and travel.

B.S. Medical Technology, Michigan State University
M.S. Physiology, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Ph.D. Physiology, Wayne State University School of Medicine