HLC Self-Study Timeline

October 2000

  • Successful Focus Visit on International Programs

February 2005

  • Successful Focus Visit on General Education and Assessment

June 2005

  • Policy Center for First Year of College selects OU to participate in the Foundations of Excellence Project [FOE]

October 2005–April 2006

  • OU participates in FOE self-study of first year experience

December 2006

  • OU signs an agreement with NCA to conduct a special emphasis self-study on distinctive undergraduate education [including first year experience]

February 2006

  • Successful focus visit on request for institutional change to allow fully online baccalaureate program in nursing

April–May 2006

  • Action plan to enhance first year experience created based on FOE self-study

September 2006–April 2007

  • Initial plans made for implementation of FOE action plan by First Year Council

April 2007

  • Self-study coordinator attends NCA annual meeting and self-study sessions
  • Oakland University and Beaumont Hospital announce partnership to develop a medical school

July 2007

  • President, provost and coordinator meet with NCA president and liaison to determine whether the approved special emphasis should be changed to a comprehensive visit due to planned addition of a medical school to the university
  • Decision is made that OU should switch from a special emphasis to a comprehensive self-study
  • Consultant on medical school begins meeting with medical school steering committee
  • Subcommittees are established for medical school planning

August 2007

  • Associate coordinator for self-study selected

October 2007

  • Self-study plan sent to NCA
  • Campus kickoff of self-study process
  • Timeline shared with campus
  • Orientation meeting for steering committee
  • Subcommittees begin to gather, analyze and evaluate data, conduct interviews, and draft reports

October 2007–January 2008

  • Subcommittees continue to gather data and draft reports for Steering Committee

February 2008

  • Subcommittees submit reports
  • Steering committee analyzes draft reports against NCA criteria and themes for information needed to fill gaps
  • Information requested to fill gaps

March–May 2008

  • Editors complete first draft of self-study
  • First draft sent to Steering Committee for review

April 2008

  • Coordinators and NCA Core Group attend NCA Annual Meeting [April 11-15, 2008]

July 2008

  • Editors receive Steering Committee members comments

July–August 2008

  • Editors complete second draft of self-study

September–October 2008

  • Second draft shared with campus community and external community for review/comment

October–December 2008

  • Refinement of document based on comment, finalization of self-study

January 2009

  • Self-study posted to accreditation website
  • Self-study sent to printer

February 2009

  • LCME site visit on medical school
  • Self-study sent to consultant-evaluator team members
  • Resource area prepared for site visit
  • Visitation schedule finalized

April 2009


Late May 2009

  • University receives evaluation team report

June–August 2009

  • University responds to evaluation team report as necessary