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Art Student Teaching


The Art Student Teaching Internship, AED455 serves as the capstone course for 12 credits. It entails a full semester assignment to a school district and cooperating teacher. This assignment is full days, every day. During this time period, your schedule is determined by the calendar of the district to which you are assigned. You begin when they begin, and have vacations when theirs are scheduled. The intent is that you will split your internship between two levels, working in either an elementary and middle school, a middle school and high school, or an elementary and high school.

All placements for the student teaching internship will require an interview with the cooperating teacher prior to the beginning of the final field placement. The placements must be arranged through the Director of School and Field Services since that is the arrangement that has been made with districts.

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During your student teaching internship, you have the opportunity to work with two cooperating teachers who will model expectations for you at two different levels. You will gradually take over the classroom and teach independently for three weeks at each level. To continue to improve, talk about what went well and ways to overcome areas that didn't go as well as you had hoped.

The relationship with your cooperating teacher is critical to your internship. Put suggestions into practice right away. Learn what you need to stop doing and what you need to do more in order to be successful. Remember to be prepared with lesson plans by Thursday of the week prior to student teaching. Do your best to stay at school until all materials are prepared for the following day. Participate in the school setting as a teacher would during your internship.


During your student teaching internship, you will have a supervisor from Oakland University to help guide you. You will communicate with your supervisor at least weekly, sharing a reflection about your work. During seminars, you will have time to talk with your supervisor. Five or more visits to the classroom will be made by your supervisor. He or she will talk with you about what they observed and will talk with your cooperating teacher as well. Take time to learn from your supervisor’s experience and incorporate suggestions that are shared.


AED 455 Syllabus

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Student teachers will meet with their supervisors three times during the semester using the schedule and place provided by the supervisor. The large group seminars are held on campus.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 Culminating Seminar 

Mock interviews using your portfolio and hand in exit requirements
9 a.m.-noon at Oakland Center in Gold Rooms ABC

 Surveys to be completed online by interns prior to culminating seminar:

1.     State Survey for Student Teachers (Supervisor will provide link and code near the end of student teaching.)

2.     Program Evaluation (Code gets used for this form as well.)

3.     Placement Evaluation

4.     Supervisor Evaluation

5.     Students should ask the cooperating teacher to complete the online form Cooperating Teacher Assessment of Student Teacher Supervisor found under Cooperating Teacher on the webpage.


Materials to be handed in at the culminating seminar:

  • Paper application for certification
  • Documentation of completing the state required exit survey for student teachers--the URL and identification code will be sent by the supervisor via e-mail.  At the end of the survey, print off the page which verifies completion of the survey.
  • Gender equity survey form
  • Two observations
  • Felony / Misdemeanor form with proper court documentation as needed




Student teachers will meet with their supervisors three times during the semester using the schedule and place provided by the supervisor. The large group seminars are held on campus.  These will be posted by July 1, 2015.

Thursday, August 20, 2015 Orientation Seminar  Meet your supervisors
9 a.m.-noon at Oakland Center in Gold Rooms ABC

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Teacher's Weekly Feedback

Art Midterm Evaluation
Final Narrative  

Forms Needed During Student Teaching

Professional Educational Services Group (PESG) Forms 
These forms are to be used only by students who are student teaching in a district using PESG as the substituting company.
Please get a Fingerprint Data Entry Form from the district where you are completing your student teaching.

PESG Information for Student Teachers  
OU Police Livescan Fingerprinting

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    internship handbook
    exit and certification requirements