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Master of Arts in Teaching

The SEHS Advising office advises students in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs for Elementary Education and Secondary Education offered through the SEHS Professional Development office.  

Our MAT programs are OU's quickest route to teacher certification for post-baccalaureate students. They are specifically designed for career changers with courses offered two evenings per week and some Saturdays (depending on scheduling).

The MAT program itself requires 20 months of teacher certification coursework, and most students need at least one semester of prerequisite courses prior to beginning the program. To begin the process, follow the directions on the "How to Apply" tab on the Professional Development site for the program you are interested in. 
An adviser will evaluate your previous coursework and develop a plan of study for you. When you come in for your advising appointment, your adviser will be better able to answer your questions about what prerequisites you might need prior to beginning the MAT program.

The "How to Apply" tab also has contact information at the bottom, in case you have questions you'd like to ask before your advising appointment.