Sayed A. Nassar, Ph.D.

Sayed A. Nassar, PhD.
Distinguished University Professor, Director of FAJRI
Mechanical Engineering Department
348 EC; (248) 370-3781; Fax: (248) 370-4416

Ph.D., Aerospace Engrg., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 1981

Professor Nassar is a Fellow of ASME; his broad area of expertise is structural and solid mechanics, stress analysis, mechanical design, fastening and joining. He joined Oakland University in 2000 (first as visiting Professor from Lawrence Technological University where he was a professor of mechanical engineering since 1985). At OU, he founded the Fastening and Joining Research Institute (FAJRI) in 2003 (, was tenured in 2005, and was recently elevated to the distinct rank of Distinguished University Professor at OU in 2012. At FAJRI, Dr. Nassar's external funding for his research program averages $1 million per year from federal and industrial sources. He supervised the thesis research of 17 Ph.D. and MS graduates, and is currently supervising a team of 10 faculty and Ph.D. student-researchers. Professor Nassar is a world-renowned expert and consultant to various industries and scientific agencies that include the Chrysler Corp., John Deere, NASA,...etc. He has over 130 peer-reviewed technical publications, a textbook Handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints (with John Bickford), three US Patents, and two US patent applications (pending).
  • Mechanical System Design
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Fasteners and Bolted Joints
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Finite Elements
  • Vibrations


Joining of materials, fasteners and bolted Joint, vibration-induced loosening
of threaded fasteners, lightweight materials and composite joins, damage

Selected Publications

1. Nassar, S.A., Mazhari, E., “A Coupled Shear Stress-Diffusion Model for
Adhesively Bonded Single Lap joints”, 2016, Journal of Applied Mechanics-
ASME Transactions, vol. 83, no.10, pp.101006-1~7.

2. Nassar, S. A., Sakai, K., “Failure Analysis of Composite-Based Lightweight
Multimaterial Joints in Tensile-Shear Tests After Cyclic Heat at High Relative
Humidity”, 2017, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering-ASME
Transactions, vol. 139, no. 4, pp. 041007-1~9.

3. Nassar, S. A., Wu, Z., Moustafa, K., and Tzelepis, D., “Effect of Adhesive
Nanoparticle Enrichment on Static Load Transfer Capacity and Failure Mode
of Bonded Steel-Magnesium Single Lap Joints”, 2015, ASME Journal of
Manufacturing Science and Engineering, vol. 137, no. 5, 051025-051025- 7.

4. Nassar, S. A. and Ali, R. “An Improved Cumulative Damage Criterion for
Preloaded Threaded Fasteners”, 2014, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design,
vol. 136, no. 7, pp. 074502-1~5.

5. Wu, Z., Nassar, S. A., Jagatap, S., and Satav, K., “Thread Forming in
Lightweight Material Joints Using Self-Tapping Screws”, 2016, Journal of
Manufacturing Science and Engineering-ASME Transactions, vol. 138, no. (9),
pp. 091006-1~10.