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The homepage is the perfect place to feature content within your site using banners and other graphics (see above and below). However, almost everything should still be accessible via the left navigation. Some exceptions apply, like linking to a related student org's profile on GrizzOrgs or the online catalog. Contact your UCM account manager to figure out a schedule of featured graphics and content for your home page.

Use the quick links box to link to other helpful resources, but not necessarily feature-worthy. Also notice there isn't a "Home" link on the left navigation because most Web users understand that a page title will take you to the site's home page.

Wondering how the Advanced Formatting menu opened by default when loading this home page? There's a code snippet you can place on your home page to set a category to open like that. Just write

showLeftMenuDropdown("Advanced Formatting")

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Explore the academic profile for your major and learn about what courses you will take, the skills you will develop and related careers.

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