Student Activities Funding Board

Oakland Center, Room 62
Rochester, MI 48309-4454
(location map)
(248) 370-4291

After Funding is Approved or Denied


Please remember the following requirements following your SAFB allocation approval:

  • If you've ordered food from Chartwells, you must notify Chartwells to change your quote into an order.
  • If you've ordered food from somewhere other than from Chartwells, then you must work with the CSA to receive your funding.
  • If you have any purchasing or payment needs for anything (other than for food ordered from Chartwells), you must work with the CSA to spend your funds.
    • You must have ALL SAFB paperwork, quotes, and documentation, as well as a summary of what is to be purchased.
    • You will need all original receipts, quotes, etc. to give to the CSA to receive funding
    • You can call the CSA at (248) 370-2400 to set up an appointment with Pam Dagostino to discuss your funding.
  • If you've been approved for equipment, then these items can be ordered by working the CSA (NOT SAFB).
    • These items must be stored and remain on OU's campus at all times, unless going to a competition, etc.
    • These items must be shared with other student organizations if they've requested them, unless currently being used.
  • Failure to comply with the above will result in your funding process being delayed.

Please remember the following requirements following your SAFB discretionary funds approval:  

  • Discretionary funds remain in your account until the remainder of the semester they were approved in.
  • You must work with the CSA for all of your payment and purchasing needs when using your discretionary funds (NOT SAFB).
  • If you place an order with Chartwells and plan on paying for it by using your discretionary funds, then you must let Chartwells know that you're using your discretionary funds - otherwise your quote will never become an order.
  • Discretionary funds cannot be used for:
    • gifts or presents
    • delivery or rush fees for food being ordered
    • graduate paraphernalia
    • food, lodging, or travel expenses for conferences
    • gift cards of any kind
    • apparel that costs more than $10 per item (including T-shirts)
    • any personal items (like textbooks, etc.)
  • You can only pay for the following by means of your discretionary funds (or flex account):
    • banners or flyers
    • office supplies
    • brochures or copies
    • apparel (unless considered to be equipment costs)
  • When using your discretionary funds, you must always follow all SAFB, CSA, OU, city, state, and federal rules and regulations.
  • Please work with Pam Dagostino if you have any purchasing or payment needs for an event for anything other than food ordered from Chartwells.
  • August 1st is the last day to use you can use your discretionary funds for the Summer semester.
  • December 1st is the last day to use you can use your discretionary funds for the Fall semester.
  • April 1st is the last day to use you can use your discretionary funds for the Winter semester.




Please Remember the Following when Getting Denied by SAFB for Funding:

  • Even with SAFB denial, you could still choose to pay off the cost of your event and/or miscellaneous costs using your flex account funds (if you have any available), membership dues, through fundraising, or through a combination of these methods.
    • You could also choose to use your discretionary funds; that is, if you’ve already applied and have been approved for them during the current semester.
  • If you would like to make changes to the allocation form, you must submit a new correctly completed allocation packet – while taking into account the Monday at least two weeks before your event SAFB deadline.
  • Remember to submit ALL necessary paperwork with your new allocation packet, including any/all forms/documents that you’ve previously submitted to SAFB (that are relevant to the funding request).
  • Please note that SAFB never matches previously denied forms to newly submitted allocation packets.